RICO Chamber of Commerce Declares War Against Government ‘Overreach’

“We don’t need a reason why……”

Enforcing the law isn’t “overreach” – it’s what the US gov’t is supposed to do.

The truth is the US Chamber of Commerce is a RICO, illegal human labor trafficking organization – illegal under RICO, crime, and Title 8 laws of the US.

Contact your congresspeople and demand this criminal organization be shut down now and all its executives be arrested and tried.

“Overreach” is a PR marketing word the Chamber uses to cover up its crimes on the American people.

We have labor and immigration laws in this country and the Chamber of Commerce is colluding to violate them with impunity.

Chamber Declares War Against Government ‘Overreach’

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) | Nolo

8 U.S. Code § 1182(n)

8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

McCarthy: Chamber of Commerce ‘Left’ Republican Party ‘A Long Time Ago,’ Not Welcome Back…

Chamber of Commerce CEO: Flood U.S. with Twice as Much Legal Immigration, Amnesty

Welcoming immigrants would cool off inflation, US Chamber of Commerce CEO says

No it wouldn’t – stop lying. Mass immigration drives up demand to unnatural levels and too quickly – faster than producers can keep up – causing a shortage of goods, which further drives prices up. It also drives up prices on things like housing and food since those things take time to produce – invaders can walk into America in a few hours but it takes months or years to build housing and infrastructure – things that take time. All that drives prices up and wages down – just what the criminal greedy labor-market-rigging business lobby in America wants.

Mass immigration has the opposite effect of what the Chamber claims – and is one of the prime drivers of inflation.

Clark is a lying POS and should be arrested for her crimes immediately.

Rigging labor markets is a Federal crime but that is exactly what the Chamber of Commerce is engaging in.

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Call 1-888-373-7888 ( TTY: 711)|*Text 233733 |Live Chat

Because when this site revealed Donahue was also engaging in illegal labor market rigging, he fled the Chamber like a rat on a sinking ship.

Chamber of Commerce Madman Tom Donahue Demands Biden in Office

Criminal wage-fixers Tom Donahue + Chamber of Commerce Scheme How to Deal with Possible Trump Win

“It is a Wall Street–directed communist takeover —- people still take issue with me over this but at the point it finally becomes obvious to the majority it will be waaay too late.

As Larry McDonald stated before he was shot down aboard that KAL flight by the Soviets . . .

The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government, combining super-capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control … Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”

  • Congressman Larry McDonald in 1976
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