Chamber of Commerce + Suzanne Clark rig the US labor market

Suzanne Clark – Chamber of Commerce President, and criminal labor market-rigger.

Chamber of Commerce is organized crime, folks – and is rigging the US labor market via immigration – a Federal crime. Suzanne Clarke – the Chamber’s President, and Nisha Biswal, the VP, must both be arrested immediately for labor market rigging.

Under federal law it is illegal to even admit a single foreign worker if doing so “adversely affects the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed”. Right now there are tens of millions of Americans out of work who need those jobs and are being “adversely affected” by the Chamber’s criminal manipulations.

Hence, Clark, Biswal, and their co-conspirators are all engaging in criminal, illegal activity.

It’s all covered up as “business”, of course, but it’s still illegal – and still criminal.

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“U.S. Chamber plans to fight for immigration, against ’overreach’”

U.S. Chamber CEO Suzanne Clark: Competition is Critical to America’s Future, Warns Against Government Overreach | U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“Overreach” in this case if the Chamber’s codeword for law enforcement. Can’t have any actual law enforcement, or it would put an end to the Chamber’s criminal cheap labor activities.

We have strong labor laws in this country and the Chamber, US business, nor anyone else is above the law.

If enforcing Title 8 of US law is “overreach” then so is pulling you over and writing you a traffic ticket for going 100 MPH in a 25 MPH zone.

Government overreach bad for business: Chamber of Commerce | Fox Business

No, the Chamber means its bad for their cheap labor criminal rigged labor market.

The US gov’t doesn’t represent “business” – it represents the people – voters. Businesses don’t vote and hence don’t have any say in government.

But since the criminal Chamber is the biggest illegal lobby in DC, it always gets its way.

This is criminal collusion, folks. The Chamber is operating an illegal labor trafficking scam.

Contact your congresspeople and the DOJ and demand Clark’s arrest immediately.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) | Nolo

Labor Trafficking | National Human Trafficking Hotline

Call 1-888-373-7888 ( TTY: 711)|*Text 233733 |Live Chat

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