Inadmissible alien Fed Ex shooting victims denied compensation

And millions of American workers targeted for removal from the workforce by foreign invaders have been denied compensation for over 25 years.

It’s called, Karma, looters.

The Indianapolis Star reports the attorney for Harpreet Singh, Lakhwinder Kaur, and Gurinder Bains said all three of his clients suffered “significant losses” because the city to fail to act on warnings that the shooter Brandon Scott Hole was violent and suicidal”.

You’d be “violent and suicidal” too if you were run out of one job after another by racist foreign invaders everywhere you went.

Some people just snap.

Not only should the inadmissible alien thieves not get any compensation, but all their illegal income made by violating Title 8 of US law should be seized and given to the family of the shooter as compensation.

Only in America can a silent foreign invasion continue and not be stopped by the country’s gov’t to protect its own people from foreign predators.

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