‘Thanks to AC21, H1Bs can keep renewing their temporary nonimmigrant visas for decades and raise F1s who will become the next batch of H1Bs’

If they get green cards and never leave they’re not exactly “temporary”.

Where did these people get the fiction that they are allowed to walk into any country they want at any time

and take over? 21 years isn’t “temporary” and if your parents didn’t leave after 6 years as originally agreed,

then they entered under fraudulent pretenses. A deal is a deal. You were supposed to return to India

with your parents at age 6. Why are you still here?

That all sounds good but if you are coming here and displacing our own people from their jobs, which you are,

then you are working here illegally. The American Dream doesn’t mean you can violate our immigration laws just

because you have some fiction in your mind. USA has laws just like any other country. No law in America even

mentions “The American Dream” – it is largely a fiction created by bankers 100 years ago.

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