Fraudhwa Strikes: ‘Why are all the headlines about the “America Competes” Act coming from India?’

NASSCOM frontman Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa has been pushing the “startup visa” scam for India’s NASSCOM for decades.

Now it looks like India will finally get another scam visa to invade + plunder the US.

These conmen flood into America, start phony companies using US capital, employ only foreign workers (who remit their pay out of the US and back to India), and most of the startups fail within 5 years.

The US is out billions of $, no new companies get created, and Americans who would have been employed using that capital never get the jobs.

Only the fake invaders do.

Worse, many of them don’t start product companies – but rather start illegal H-1B staffing companies and then illegally file for more H-1Bs – to bring more losers in from India to displace American workers from jobs.

The US loses billions in capital a year via remittances by the parasite fakers, and the US also loses jobs as no new jobs get created for Americans.

If the parasites can place their workers @ US companies, get them trained, then move the job back to India, the US loses even more jobs.

Are the invaders ever held accountable?


Do they have to give the US capital they took back if the “startups” fail?


Does anyone in the gov’t ever check up on what the invaders are actually doing?


It’s carté blanché for more mass rape of the US economy by India.

It’s our jobs these people want, and once they have their visa the only thing their “startups” will be doing is bringing in more illegal H-1Bs and placing them at existing US companies to displace American workers.

It’s 2001 + American Competitiveness In the 21st Century Act all over again – which did anything but keep America competitive.

As the US continues to commit national suicide by giving away more of our jobs + industries to Asia, expect things to continue to get worse.

This is not a Biden act or program – this is India telling the US gov’t what to do.

Biden is the puppet mouthpiece.

India – the land of scams and looting is about to loot the US – again.

US: Indian-origin engineer arrested for stealing trade secrets

Indian corporation pays record $34 million fine to settle allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes | ICE

H-1B Foreign Workers Are Destroying Merrimack Valley Economy – The Valley Patriot

Statement by President Biden on the America COMPETES Act of 2022 | The White House

“The House took an important step forward today in advancing legislation that will make our supply chains stronger and reinvigorate the innovation engine of our economy to outcompete China and the rest of the world for decades to come.

The proposals laid out by the House and Senate represent the sort of transformational investments in our industrial base and research and development that helped power the United States to lead the global economy in the 20th century and expand opportunity for middle class families. They’ll help bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and they’re squarely focused on easing the sort of supply chain bottlenecks like semiconductors that have led to higher prices for the middle class”.

Bringing in more industrial spies from Asia will not bring manufacturing back to the US or create jobs, Mr. Biden – it will do the exact opposite. Training our competitors in our own industries so they can move the jobs back to Asia causes America to lose more jobs.

The millions of foreign workers we brought in under the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act didn’t protect or create American jobs – it enabled them to be offshored to India + China.

So why, Mr. Biden, are you making the same mistake again – bringing in more of the same people who failed to perform or create jobs for Americans the last time they promised to?

Why, Mr. Biden, do you continue to import more of the same people who have been proven to abuse our visa programs, steal our industries, and move our jobs back to Asia.

These programs didn’t work for the past 25 years – and they’re not about to work now.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans long before these people arrived.

We need to put Americans back to work, and provide capital for them to start businesses. We don’t need any more foreign industrial spies coming to the US on visas. Doing so will only destroy our economy more.

This wrong-headed, and illegal bill must be stopped now. If you pass it, America’s economy will decline even further.

Did someone just say “Foreign PhDs”?

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