Democrats’ China Bill to ‘Lobotomize’ US College Graduates – Breitbart

Sneaked into the bill are more provisions for more inadmissible aliens to invade the US and displace Americans from their jobs.

All of this is totally illegal under Title 8 of US law.


Not cheating, fake, conman foreign parasites. We don’t need any more foreign industrial spies and job-thieves invading US companies and moving all our jobs back to Asia.

We’ve been doing that for 24 years and has it kept the US competitive?

Nope – India + China are now eating our lunch – thanks to mass industrial theft.

Wake up, loser.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans.

Thief of Apple’s Secrets Also Had Data on US Patriot Missile System – RedTea News

Section 80303 of the bill is titled “Doctoral STEM Graduates,” and it offers extra green cards to foreigners who get PhDs at U.S. and foreign universities

There’s just one problem with all those “foreign PhDs” – most of them are cheats and frauds.

Call your Congresspeople now and demand an end to all foreign work visas.

Asia’s rampant cheating problem

Determined to get into U.S. colleges, more and more students turn to fake transcripts, essays and SAT scores

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