“This country was built on legal immigration and we’ve been able to be strong because the of diversity we have”

We can assure you – immigrants did not build Silicon valley – as this Apple photo shows. Immigrants stole Silicon Valley.

Don’t think so Manchin.

We’ve been strong because Americans worked 80 hours a week to build America while the rest of the world sat around licking communist boots for 70 years.

Every major industry now enjoyed by America + the world was built by white American men.

Silicon Valley was 98% white American males until 2003 or so.

The internet, Apple, Microsoft, Hewlet Packard, and IBM were all built by white Americans.

This just goes to show that most of the morons in DC are completely out of touch with reality.

Or else taking foreign money – mostly from China, India, and Israel.

These idiot politicians are giving our industries away to our enemies.

Did NASSCOM and the India Inc Mafia get to Manchin too?

There is no “green card backlog” – they are all Y2K visa overstayers who were supposed to leave in 2003.

No Indians in 1980’s Microsoft Video

Where are the immigrants, Manchin?

No, you were supposed to leave in 2003 when Y2K ended. You’re temporary guests and non-immigrants, remember?

Indians are the most racist people on earth.

Indians – the earth’s racist kingpins by a factor of 10X. Don’t come into our country and scream racism.

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