“The Indian CEO Virus”—Is It Good For The Historic American Nation?

Possibly the most important + real article ever written about the Indian Mafia taking over America.

Every American should read this article.

People are starting to notice that the racist Indian Mafia takeover of US tech is bad for America.

“Indians are packed into the Biden Regime like cobras in a snake charmer’s basket”.


“Unfortunately, Agrawal does much more than peddle Squishees and heat-lamp dogs: he has promised to purge Politically Incorrect speech. And he’s not the only one: Indians now completely control Big Tech. More and more hold elected office. They’ve infiltrated the White House. They’re on television, telling stupid white Americans what to think and how to live. If you don’t think Indians are a problem, let’s talk about that ranch in Ranchipur I need to sell.

Remember what Agrawal said: “Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment…focus[ing] less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed.

Lynch’s reporting on these corporate subversives is truly alarming. They’re importing their countrymen to colonize the companies and drive out whites

Not one of these Big Tech CEOS was born here:

  • Narayen—Hyderabad, India
  • Krishna—West Godavari
  • Pichai—Madurai
  • Nadella—Hyderabad
  • Agrawal—Ajmer”

Yes, they all stole Silicon Valley from us – after we spent decades building it.

And our government does not care.

“Times have changed” is the Indian Mafia’s codeword for invading America, stealing all her companies, and erasign our history and people. Subversion. We have laws against subversion in the US.

These invaders are a serious threat.

Their goal is nothing less than the theft of America and the exclusion of white people in their own nation.

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