Congress Launches New Assault on US Workers

That’s because it’s really an illegal rigged cheap labor market.

How many Americans know that the real reason Wall St. collapsed in 2008 was because after the India Inc mafia collapsed Silicon Valley in 2002, they fled to Wall St. where it promptly replaced millions of high paid Americans with cheap foreign labor from India. Of course the invaders were mostly visa frauds and had no idea how to do the jobs – India Inc just wanted to loot all the rich Wall St. companies. After all, it was RICO India Inc crime shop Wipro which actually destroyed Lehman.

All those “subprime loans” were perfectly good loans before Alan Greenspan flooded the US with cheap foreign labor and drove American mortgage holders out of their jobs.

How can you pay your mortgage if you are displaced from your industry by armies of India Inc invaders?

The economy is collapsing because it is being looted by foreign powers.

“Nothing stops the push by Congress for more immigration – not 9/11, not the mortgage meltdown and Wall Street crisis, not dismal Bureau of Labor Statistics job reports and not COVID-19. Despite the fact that about 1 million new lawful permanent residents get work authorization each year, that about 750,000 guest workers arrive annually in a typical year and that dozens of types of nonimmigrant visas include employment permission, Congress is never satisfied.

Congress insists, predictably and tediously, that without more foreign-born labor, the economy will collapse and small businesses will vanish. These baseless claims, consistently proven false, are repeated year after year after year”.

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