Raimondo Urges Chips Act Boondoggle or US Faces ‘National Emergency’

Yeah – after the US has been offshoring hand over fist for the past 35 years.

The US gov’t allowed + encouraged this disaster. It was former US President Bill Clinton who enabled offshoring. It was Tom Friedman + Paul Krugman who encouraged it.

Intel plans to take the US bailout taxpayer $ from this bill and use it to build a new plant in Indonesia. Another boondoggle bailout from India-Inc ravaged Intel which is now in its death-throes.

Intel should be allowed to go out of business. It should have to pay the price for its mass H-1B visa fraud which flooded the company with fake Indian engineers which is what really destroyed it.

Americans should have to feel the pain of no chips – it’s the only way the country would be forced to wake up to the mass H-1B Silicon Valley invasion destroying the country.

Instead the US taxpayer will once again have to pay for another massive H-1B India Inc fail at a major US tech company. And the US gov’t will cover up the fail – again.

Just as it did in 2008.

The sky is falling – again.

The India Inc mafia and the US gov’t can’t have the American people noticing that every US tech company invaded by India Incs dies eventually. Nope – have to keep the charadé going so more US wealth can be sucked out of the country by the armies of remittance-hungry looters from Asia.

Just as the US had to bail out India Inc-invaded Wall St. in 2008 after the India Inc mafia invaded that industry, now Intel is begging for a life raft.

Intel + the gov’t don’t want to admit this is a bailout for Intel but that is exactly what it is – on taxpayer money.

Another free money scam for failed corporate America.

The bill will also increase industrial theft immigration from India + China so those thieves can steal more of our tech and move it back to Asia.

Is Raimondo working for India + China too?

We need a full investigation now.

The real ‘National Emergency’ is the theft of our industry by Asian powers.

You radiate cold shafts of broken glass.


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