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Victory! More Lawsuits Proceed Against Clearview’s Face Surveillance

Killing the Bill of Rights

US & Russia Evacuate Embassies In Ukraine As Crisis Enters Uncharted Territory

US Deploys Airmen, F-35 Fighter Jets to Germany Amid ‘Russian Invasion’ Fears

US suspends avocado imports from Mexico after threat to US inspector

Kyle Rittenhouse To Sue Whoopi Goldberg, Other ‘Celebrities, Politicians + Athletes’ For Calling Him A Murderer

Video: Biden Declares “Personal Freedom” Comes Second To COVID Mandates

Washington Has Been Predicting a Russian Invasion of Ukraine for 8 Years

Lead is contaminating thousands of Bay Area homes

Greenism Is Destroying Australia’s Ancient Grasslands

IKE’s Smart City Surveillance Kiosks Installed In Houston

More than 4,500 homes razed by military since Myanmar coup

Nintendo currently uninterested in building a metaverse

Transhuman: Is Humanity 2.0 The New ‘Master Race’?

‘I’m afraid but where can I go?’ East Ukraine confronts new reality

‘You don’t just hand over’ countries to the ‘bullies’

‘More and more people’ asking Jacinda Ardern to ‘resign’

“Covid Exhaustion”: People Are “Done Being Told What To Do”

“January 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax”

“Wow I cant believe sending Kamala to Europe didnt work”

30% Of People In India Believe COVID Is A Myth

Adobe warns of 2nd critical security hole in Adobe Commerce

America Is Not Divided, It’s Being Hijacked

America’s real COVID-19 ‘national emergency’ is fatness

Apple is Finally Making a Cheaper Display: What We Know

Architecture + Planning in the Early Soviet Union

Are Cartel Journalist Killings A Model For America?

Are They Finally Admitting Natural Immunity?

Arizona Border Agents Arrest Convicted Rapist

Ballot Drop Boxes Draw Ire, Lawsuits, and Bills to Ban Them

Beijing Winter Olympics a troubling reminder of 1936 Games

Bella Thorne to Biden: ‘Work More’ to Fight Communist Cuba

Ben Shapiro: Canada Goes Tyrannical

Ballot Drop Boxes Draw Ire, Lawsuits, and Bills to Ban Them

Kyle Rittenhouse Announces Fund to Hold Media Accountable for ‘Lies’

Beijing Winter Olympics a troubling reminder of 1936 Games

Bella Thorne to Biden: ‘Work More’ to Fight Communist Cuba

Ben Shapiro: Canada Goes Tyrannical

Biden 2019: ‘If I’m President, Putin’s Days of Tyranny and Trying to Intimidate U.S. and Eastern Europe are Over’

Biden Did This

Biden DOJ Hurts Americans’ Trust by ‘Doing Bidding of the Radical Left’

Biden Quietly Extends National COVID Emergency Indefinitely

Biden says Putin has decided to invade Ukraine

Canary Islands Overwhelmed by Arrivals of ‘Child Migrants’

Black Hawk helicopters crash in UT

Blinken cancels talks with Lavrov

Bloomberg: Democrats headed for midterm ‘wipeout’ without ‘immediate course correction’

Blue State Blues: Justin Trudeau, Third World Authoritarian

CA High Schoolers Walk Out of Class to Defy Mask Mandate

Canadian Great Reset Tyranny

Cancelling Richard Gere

China property developer sales ‘falling off a cliff’

Chip CFOs get a crash course in silicon geopolitics

DeLorean Plots an Electric Comeback

Democrats’ best buddy Putin to the rescue

Democrats’ Interest in National News Plummets, Especially the Youngest

Depopulation for Dummies

Did Biden Abolish ICE?

Dr. Fauci wants America forever chained

EndGameWW3 on Twitter: “Reuters getting ready…” / Twitter

European Central Bank Is Trapped Like The Fed

Even Redditors Find Forced TV Diversity Weird

FAA chief announced resignation in the middle of term

Expect the world’s ungoverned places to export instability

Factors unique to IT force historic rate hikes in US

False Flag: Biden’s Only Option

Farm Attacks In S Africa: Shot, Attacked, Murdered

Fauci Household Earnings > $1.7 mil In 2020

Fourth Turning 2022: Bad-Moon Rising, Part 4

France: Teens Lynched by Mob of Youths Over ‘Bad Look’

French Prison Guard Stabbed in Neck by Illegal Inmate

French Prison Guard Stabbed in Neck by Illegal Somali Inmate

Germany to Remove Forests to Go Green

Graham: ‘When Putin Looks at Biden, He Sees Neville Chamberlain’

Health: Selling Drugs and Diseases

Hello Slackware, our old friend

Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Masterpiece

How The CDC Abandoned Science

Intellectual Freedom started with the Elon Musk of the 1600s

iPhone 6 Plus Added to Apple’s ‘Vintage Product’ List

Is Justin Trudeau A Bastard Of Fidel Castro?

Israel is an Apartheid State, says Amnesty International

Japan scrambles to review Russian imports

Karnataka hijab ban is the latest result of India’s Hindutva lab


Limits To Green Energy Are Becoming Clearer

Martin Kulldorff: ‘Science and Public Health Are Broken’

Mexicans Moan That Sen. Ted Cruz Threatens Their Sovereignty—I.E., Their Right To Dump Their Poor On Us

Migrants Setting SOS Fires in Arizona Desert

Next Step For The WEF

Now We’ve Done It: We Pissed Off The CIA

Omar Rips Media Doxxing Freedom Convoy Donors

Organizer planning to egg Bezos yacht

Ottawa Police On Horseback Trample Protesters

Ottawa police start arresting those protesting

Passengers force pilots to divert 2 American Airlines flights

Poll: Only 35 Percent Approve of Joe Biden’s Job Performance

Pennsylvania Mail-In Voting Law Suffers Another Defeat in Court

Pompeo: Putin Has ‘No Fear’ of the U.S. and ‘the Response We Might Take’

Prominent Lockdown Advocate Admits He Got it Wrong

Prominent UK Lockdown Advocate Admits He Got It Wrong

Putin crosses ‘red line’ with his Ukraine obsession

Putin’s Endgame: Unravel the Post-Cold War Agreements That Humiliated Russia

Queen Admits Physical Difficulties for First Time

RACISM, SCHMACISM Banned From Amazon 12 YEARS After Publication

Refugee News Roundup

Reduction in air pollution can help improve kidney function

Remote workers are still suffering from ‘digital anxiety’

Rheinmetall unveils new light tank

Rights Sold for Clinton’s Anti-Trump Propaganda Film

RIP, Bob Beckel: White Democrat Kept Getting Fired For Being “Racist,” I. E., Old And White

Russia sending its newest tanks to Ukraine border

Russia continues troop escalation at Ukraine border

Russia vows to keep pumping gas

Russia, Belarus extend huge military exercises

Russian Forces Enter Breakaway Regions of Ukraine

Russian Paratroopers to receive BMD-series airborne anti-tank system

Sanctions Against Russia Include Designation of ‘Elites’ – But Not Putin

Seattle Repeals ‘Racist’ Bicycle Helmet Law

Secret CIA Data Collection Program

Sen. Graham: ‘Russia Is in Complete Control’

Sen. Bernie Sanders: ‘The Problem Is Not Inflation’

Severn Trent Water to develop smart water network

Sex Predator Arrested in Mountains Near Tucson

Sheriffs want DHS alert when illegal immigrants are shipped to their counties

Stafford Walks Away After Photographer Takes Brutal Fall

Teen Ambushed by Mob of 40 ‘Youths’ in Belgium

Ten Alleged Migrant Smugglers Arrested in Milan

The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About Germany

The Geniuses Getting Us Into War in Ukraine

The New Anti-Economics

This Is a Prison Camp Feel Around Our Elected Officials’

Transcript: Biden announces sanctions on Russia

Trucker: PM Caused ‘Civil War,’ Turned Canada ‘Communist’

Trump Backs Zemmour For French President

Trump says Durham’s probe will expose ‘the crime of the century’

Turns out the real threat to ‘norms’ was the Clinton campaign

U.S. and U.K. to impose sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

UK Households Struggle As Inflation Hits 30-Year High, New Taxes Kick In

Ukraine Ally Says Russian Attack Now Highly Unlikely

Ukraine tests potentially game-changing intelligence-gathering drone

Ukraine: The Russians Have Been Attacking Us for 8 Years

UN Committee To Begin Negotiating New Cybercrime Treaty

US Advises All Americans To Depart Belarus Immediately

US Army deploys more M2A3 Bradley fighting vehicles to Syria

US To Open Embassy In Solomon Islands To Counter China

US B-52 bombers flew over Europe to conduct theater familiarization

US Evacuates Ukraine Embassy Staff To Poland

US Says Russia’s Claims of Troop Withdrawal ‘False,’

Vermont Towns Open Voting to Foreign Nationals

Watchdogs Demand Info From DHS, NGOs Along Border

We Need Answers About the CIA’s Mass Surveillance

Wealthy People are Fueling Inflation

WEF ‘Insane Pro-CRT Propaganda’ Video Draws Sharp Rebuke

West prepares as Russian parliament approves deployment of troops

What are Pfizer and Moderna hiding?

What would George Washington have done?

Who’s Reading Your X-Ray?

WHooPee We’Re ALL GoNNa DiE…

Why Ideology Is The Ancient Enemy Of Civilization

Woke War Machine vs. America’s ‘Minutemoms’

‘We have evidence that woke politics is making the west desperately weak’

Zelensky Seeks End to Russia Diplomatic Ties After Hinting at Pursuing Nuclear Weapons

AOC ‘Once Again Proves She’s the Least Smart Congresswoman in the History of Congress’

Apple Store Employees Want to Unionize, Use Android to Avoid Cook’s Snooping

Biden Allows Putin to Send More Troops into Ukraine w/o Triggering Sanctions

Chained Woman in China Sustains Public’s Attention Despite Regime’s Focus on Olympics

Final Afghan Refugees Leave New Jersey Base for Resettlement

George Washington remains stayed at Mount Vernon despite thief attempt, Congress

How India-Russia Cooperation Can Change the Nuclear Energy Landscape in Developing Countries

Ottawa Police Chief: Protesters Will Be Hunted Down + Punished

Pentagon Audit Says Dozens of Potentially Dangerous Afghans Let Loose in US

Public Health Scotland Stops Releasing COVID Data To Protect The Public From Reaching Bad Conclusions

Putin Orders Troops Into Newly Recognized ‘People’s Republics’ in Eastern Ukraine

The Burden Of Proof Is Always On The Ones Making The Claim (Even If It’s About Russia)

Trudeau’s Declaration of Martial Law Awakens World To Great Reset Takeover

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Slams “Inappropriate” Speculation About Russian Attack

Users should be able to sue US technology giants under EU rules, say civil society orgs

With Ratings In Death Throes, CNN Finds New Shiny Object In Ukraine Drama

App “Tracks User’s Eyes” To Make Sure They Watch Advertisements

Coming Soon: Centralized Control Over DNS Abuse Reporting

Poof, It’s Gone: Hacking And Draining Cryptocurrency Accounts

Technocrat-In-Charge: Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Narrative’ For The Global Borg

Why are we forcing Aussies to live like battery chooks in apartments?

Apple prepares to dole out pay raises to many U.S. retail employees

Australian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Marches to Parliament Building

Belgium Adopts 4-Day Work Week To Try And Boost Employment

Biden Sours Ukraine Ties So Much that Kamala sent to Meet Zelensky

Canada Police to Distribute Names of Trucker Protesters to Banks

CNN Admits: Cloth Masks Not Effective — They Are ‘Fashion’

Credit Suisse Bank Records Exposes $100 bil Held By 18K Spies

Democrats Ask YouTube To Ban Ghost Gun Instructional Videos


FDA approves first iOS app to control insulin pump | AppleInsider

Freedom Convoy Protesters Are About To Get Arrested En Masse

Frontex: Irregular Migrant Arrivals to EU Up Significantly in January

Global Corporations Have Set In Motion Their Plan For World Domination

Global Technocrat Cabal Exposed Through Network Analysis

GOP Rep. Jim Hagedorn Dies at 59 After Battling Kidney Cancer

Greg Price on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Jon Stewart: “Who Gets to Decide” What’s ‘Misinformation’?

! MTG Visits Infowars And Declares War On The DC Establishment Bubble

“4 years of “Trump is a dictator” outrage and the media is ignoring when our neighbor becomes one”

“Many protesters are not scared in the face of police showing force today in Ottawa”

Biden’s wide-open ‘border’ is deliberate – and part of a ‘long game’ strategy

Canadian MP’s Feed CUT When He Asks Why Schwab Brags About “Infiltrated” Parliament

Canada Moves To Make Asset Freezing Under Emergencies Act Permanent


Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents See Rise in Unaccompanied Children

Doxed Ontario Staffer Loses Job over $100 Donation to Freedom Convoy

Foxconn plans $118M investment into Indian semiconductor joint venture

France: Young Teen Sexually Assaulted by African Migrant Aboard Train

German TV Presenter Pushes For Mandatory Vaccination – Then Collapses Live On-Air

Hypersonic-Equipped Russian Fighters Land In Syria Ahead Of Mediterranean Drills

In May 2001, Steve Jobs introduces the Genius Bar in the first Apple retail shop.

Increase Immigration or Citizen Labor Force Participation? Policy Problems

Left-Wing Group Obtained $158 mil in Taxpayer Funds to Help Illegals

McCaul: Biden’s ‘Weakness Invites Aggression’ Like Chamberlain56

N Korean Authorities Arrest Dance Tutor, Students For Practicing “Capitalist” Moves

Negotiations Have Got Russia Nowhere –

New York AG Issues “Consumer Alert” On Apple AirTag Tracking

Nord Stream: Geopolitics Of Keeping Germany ‘Down’, Russia ‘Out’

Only The 1st Stands Between The US And Tinpot Tyrants Like Trudeau

Poll: Two-Thirds of Voters Want Joe Biden to Take Mental Fitness Test

Pope Francis Condemns ‘Deplorable’ Assassination of Priest in Congo

Possible Government Surveillance of the Transcription App

President Biden orders release of Trump White House logs to Congress / Twitter

Psaki: Russian President Vladimir Putin Is Not Delivering on What He Promised

Report: Canadian Troops Investigated for Supporting Trucker Protests

Researcher Warns Nordic Countries of Refugee Flow From ‘Migrant Nation’ Ukraine

Russia could win World War III in Europe with EMP nuclear attack

Russia Says It Killed 5 “Saboteurs” After Ukrainian Armored Vehicles Breached

Society Vs State: Canada Reveals The Core Conflict Of Our Age

Steve Jobs and Apple auction includes rare memorabilia, autographs, computers

Swedish Telecoms Giant Admits Employees In Iraq Likely Bribed ISIS

The Moon Should Be Privatized, Says Economists Who Hate God

Thousands of ‘Child Migrants’ Crossing Border Each Year, Officials Say

U.S. Military Spent 6 Million Man-Hours On Wokeness Training, DoD Reports


COVID deals blow to Japan’s unique Valentine tradition

Japan set to gather foreign worker data for better support – The Mainichi

Japan’s first hydrogen-powered train unveiled

Japan’s Kishida to talk with Putin as soon as Thursday

World On Edge of Potential Nuclear War


Bribes allegedly grease the wheels for Chinese truckers at backed-up Laos border gate

China Believes in Three ‘Magic Weapons’ and ‘Seven Perils’ of Unconventional War: Steven Mosher

China wanted to gain the control of Mombasa port by debt trapping Kenya, but Kenya turned out to be too smart for them

DL Republicans in Congress Back Yvette Herrell’s Bill to Stop Funding Chinese Regime’s Research

Economic downturn threatens Chinese leader’s drive to reimpose communism – Washington Times

How China Took Over The GOP: Part 2. Family Corruption Inc: Why Kevin McCarthy Must Never Be Speaker

Olympic Skier Says She Was Confronted by Chinese Officials After Posting Reality of Athlete’s Village

Olympic Venues ‘Right Alongside Prison Camps’: Torture, Detention Occurring

Pelosi and Dems’ pork-packed ‘COMPETES Act’ will not help us defeat China

Pelosi warns US Olympians to shut up and ‘compete’ instead of call China out

Rep. Waltz: ‘Here’s the Ad that NBC and the Chinese Communist Party Doesn’t Want You to See’

Saga of the pain, shame and humiliation that CCP is subjecting Chinese athletes to

Sen. Marco Rubio: NBC shouldn’t be able to profit off Olympics in Beijing

Sen. Warren: ‘Build it in America’ Bill ‘Best Way To Deal With Our Trade Deficit’ With China

TRUMP ; “Press Refusing to Cover Alleged Spying the ‘Beginning of Communism”

“Fauci era of lies is coming to an end. We will expose the origins of covid, the role of the CCP & their enablers in the US”

China Takes Over The World

China spurs military spending spree

China is successfully exporting its authoritarian practices globally

S Korean Man Sentenced To 3 Years For Swapping Patient’s Hospital IV With Bathroom Cleaner

2021: Coups, concentration camps, and creeping conflicts

Bye bye Chinese tourists

Defaults pile up in Chinese property

Labor’s Chinese chickens come home to roost

Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy at odds with German, French

Biden Administration Misses Big Chance To Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

BYD zooms past Tesla in China’s electric-car market

China & Its Debt Trap Diplomacy – David Icke

China asks state companies to check investments in Jack Ma’s Ant

China Bets on US-Born Athletes to Boost Beijing’s Gold Medal Drive

China claims Winter Olympics win as divide with West grows

China Controls Our Meds

China Falls Woefully Short Of Commitments To Purchase US Goods

China Goes All in on Coal: Ramps Power Output to Full Capacity

“I’m Stunned”: Beijing Olympics Was Total Ratings Disaster

Maher Slams US-Born Eileen Gu For Representing A “Totalitarian Police State Over America” At Olympics

China to Actively Ban Teen Abortions as Birth Rate Collapses

China video site Bilibili to add 1,000 censors after worker dies

China’s dangerous dollar addiction should worry Asia

China’s Rare Earth Monopoly Is Diminishing

China’s Wafer Capacity Jumps

Chinese Mercilessly Heckle Figure Skater Who Defected

CNN Publishes China’s Genocide Olympics Propaganda

European Union takes China to WTO over smartphone patents

Fraudsters try to steal money from bank account of detained Uyghur businessman — Radio Free Asia

From monk to fighter — Radio Free Asia

Germany hardens China stance, echoing EU’s ‘systemic rival’ label

Hong Kong’s Lam announces mass, compulsory COVID-19 testing for seven million people — Radio Free Asia

Hong Kong’s ‘zero business’ COVID rules sink small operators

How a China state insurance boss slept with a cache of gold bars

Inconsistent COVID tests bedevil athletes at Beijing Olympics

Koreans Rip Up Chinese Flags at Protest Accusing Host of Cheating

Malaysia eyes China 40 years after it ‘looked east’ to Japan

Pelosi Protects China from Criticism, COVID Origin Investigations

McCaul campaign runs ad targeting Beijing Olympics

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to build chip cleaning agent fab in China

Nixon in China, 50 years on

Russia returns some troops to base in areas near Ukraine – report

Rubio Wants to Shine a Light on Chinese Regime’s Influence

Shackled mother of 8 shocks China — Radio Free Asia

Soil pollution is poisoning China’s food supply | War in Context

Star skier Eileen Gu faces slippery slope after Beijing success

Sweden’s Top Airport Hires CCP-Linked Company for Sec Screening

Taiwan consumers scramble to find eggs as commodity prices surge

Taiwan cracks down on China spying on tech firms

Taiwan e-scooter maker Gogoro taps local suppliers to go global

The CCP Goes VC

The world deserves answers about Peng Shuai

TN university reinstates professor acquitted of ties to China

Ukraine crisis: Satellite images show movement in Russian forces

US committee on China calls for probe into VulgarWiki torture allegations

Why China is intensifying its military flights against Taiwan

Will Xi Jinping’s “End Of Days” Plunge China & The World Into War?

Xi’s Olympics diplomacy stumbles as leaders avoid Beijing Games

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