‘Over 60% of workers who design computer chips and develop tools for chip designers in the green card pipeline are Indian. Will we be able to retain these workers if the green card backlog keeps them on temp visas?’

There is no green card backlog.

It’s a Y2K visa overstayer backlog.

All the H-1B workers were supposed to be temporary and leave in 2003 when Y2K ended.

Instead they illegally filed for green cards when they weren’t supposed to.

Those jobs were all previously held by American workers in Big Tech – until they had their jobs stolen buy the India Inc invasion starting in 1998.

Silicon Valley is now occupied by these usurpers.

Smells like a nother fake paid NASSCOM “study” to us.

The “study” didn’t mention Intel had to fire its head Indian-origin chip designer because he sat on his fat ass fo 7 years collecting a paycheck and didn’t keep Intel competitive as AMD ate their lunch.

Or that many of the Indian invaders are in fact industrial spies stealing our tech so they can use it to start up their own competing companies back in India

Nor that Title 8 Section 1182 bans all foreign workers if their working here harms American workers.

Nope. No mention of that.

We don’t need to retain these workers – they’re ripping us off.

The Chipmakers – Center for Security and Emerging Technology


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