‘You expect these people to build a life here for 3 to 10 yrs and then uproot and leave’

Yes, we do.

You are our temporary guests, remember?

Guests don’t go over to other peoples’ houses, kick them into the streets, and then never leave.

What gave you the impression you were brought here to “build a life”? You entered with the agreement that you would leave in 3 years.

If you didn’t like those terms, then don’t sign the form, and don’t come here.

This is our country, not yours. What gave you the idea a fraudulent temporary guest worker visa for 3 years gives you the legal right to stay here forever?

If you entered as a temporary guest on a temporary guest visa, and then never leave, then you entered under fraudulent pretenses.

Fraud is a crime under US law.

And that makes you a criminal.

India is a lawless, chaotic country that does not believe in laws.

10 years isn’t “temporary”.

If you can’t loot + remit enough dollars out of us in 3 years back to India to live on for the rest of your life, then you really suck at outsourcing and IT.

Get out and stay out, thief.

These parasites are killing America.

Welcome to stolen Silicon Valley – home of temporary guest workers who move in, take over, and never leave.

Yes, Americans have woken up to your mass theft + destruction of our country and now it is time for you to go.

You can start by picking up the mountains of trash in India and working 80 hours a week to build some industries of your own.

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