‘When your own people from India feel that immigration system is broken for everyone not only for Indians’

“Your own people”?

Why are Indians so racist? And why do we allow millions of these inadmissible alien racists into our country to violate our laws and drive Americans from their jobs?

You’re non-immigrants, remember?

You are our temporary guests.

And you are violating our laws.

Let the Indian Mafia in and they will steal everything, break the law, and kick you into the streets in your own country.

They were supposed to be temporary for Y2K and leave in 2003 when it ended. And now they occupy Silicon Valley by the millions.

It doesn’t matter what you “feel”. You entered the US on fraudulent pretenses and now it is time for you to go.

We have laws in this couuntry.

The only injustice in this country is you and your illegal displacement of Americans from jobs in their own country.

These criminals will scream bloody murder to get what they want, when they in fact, are the ones breaking the law.

Funny how no one from any other country is complaining about “America’s broken immigration system”.

It’s not broken – it’s working as designed – to stop a horde of a billion looters from India overruning us.

Every person at this H-1B loot-out march was Indian in Chicago. Why are only the Indian mafia complaining?

There is no “equality” under Title 8 of US law – all jobs belong to Americans first – the way it should be.

We think you’ve taken enough from us.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of the racist criminal Indian Mafia. Wake up, America
If you want to see injustice to Americans, hop a flight to Silicon Valley.

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