Hillary Clinton Wants Trump, Americans ‘Called Out’ For ‘Providing Aid + Comfort To Putin’

LOOK! Over there!

It was the Clintons who opened trade with enemy BRICS in 1998, and who sold communist China our nukes that same year – and allowed the theft of most of our industry to BRICS – and who raised the H-1B visa caps in 1998 and again in 2001 – flooding the US with millions of their industrial spies and throwing millions of Americans out of their jobs forever.

The Clintons are working for all the BRICS and are the biggest traitors in American history. The Rosenbergs in the 1950s were put to death for far less treason.

Chinese generals called Bill Clinton “Our man in Washington”. It’s all been documented and proven.

The Clintons have provided $100 trillion of US industrial aid + comfort to communist China.

Bill Clinton also signed off on a $150 billion loan to Russia in 1998, which Russia immediately used to rebuild its military – a military now attacking Ukraine.

To date, Russia has never repaid the loan.

The Clintons are communist domestic enemies of America.

Lock her up.


The Tragic Legacy of Bill Clinton’s China Doctrine

Hillary Clinton was a failed + fired Watergate lawyer in the 1970’s who now has an axe to grind with America.
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