What’s stopping us from spawning a Silicon Valley in India?

You’re a bunch of lazy, stupid, bullshit losers, that’s what.

Aren’t Indians supposed to be the tech geniuses of the world?

Why can’t they create their own Silicon Valley?

The truth is these parasites live off the US with their bullshit fake IT staffing companies who loot jobs from Americans.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans – it was a special mix of extraordinary Americans, dedication to a craft, intelligence, and a bit of luck and blessing.

India doesn’t have what it takes to build a Silicon Valley. And once the magic of Silicon Valley is lost thanks to armies of these invading parasites, it’s not likely to return.

Average IQ in India is 82 – 17 points below the average American IQ.

India is going nowhere.

So much for all the hype in the news. These people are losers – and always will be.

We’re being robbed, America.


U.S. students excel in computer science, outscoring China, India and Russia, Stanford study says – Silicon Valley

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