Germany, France, EU Members Sold Huge Stocks of Arms to Russia

Putin And Merkel Are Having A Blast Talking Ballistic Missiles At The G20

“Western capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them” – Lenin

Well after all Gorbachev called the EU “The European Soviet“. The BRICS nations have been using + exploiting western economies and industry for decades in order to build their own power. Namely through economic cooperation.

How many EU communist pols took payoffs from BRICS enemies to do the arms sales?

Why do you think commies like Merkel and Macron were put into power?

So that deals like this could be done in secret – to help build Soviet power.

And we’re not talking pop guns here – we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars of advanced weapons.

How long will it be before the US gov’t realizes that selling advanced US weapons to Russian ally India is a huge suicidal mistake? If you think Russia alone is the bad guy, envision a future in which all BRICS nations armed to the teeth all gang up on the west at once – because we armed them.

That is what the BRICS are planning, and have been planning since 1960.

The outsourcing chickens are coming home to roost folks, and it’s not going to be pretty.

“Ten European Union (EU) member-states have been exposed for selling hundreds of millions of euros worth of military kit to Russia between 2015 and 2020, despite sanctions.

EU member-states including France, Germany, and Italy potentially broke a European embargo on selling arms to Russia, issuing more than 1,000 arms licenses after the ban was imposed on August 1st 2014″.

Italy? Where is the pope now?

Lockheed Martin to make F-16 in India – The Machinist

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