Anti-white Google Sued by Black Employees for ‘Racism’

Headshot of Robin DiAngelo

Well since Indians hate blacks almost as much as they hate whites, it’s no wonder.

And Sundar Pichai is violating Federal law and EEOC rules.

“Despite its status as one of the wokest companies in the world, including maintaining an official program to inject critical race theory into the field of programming, tech giant Google is facing a major lawsuit alleging it discriminates against black employees.

Even among the far-left tech giants of Silicon Valley, Google has a reputation for wokeness. The company invited Robin DiAngelo to give a talk on “white fragility” years before her presence became commonplace in corporate boardrooms. Its managers gave employees instruction manuals on recognizing “white dominant culture.

Then comes the real kicker:

And documents released through James Damore’s class-action lawsuit in 2018 revealed an atmosphere of unchecked, rampant hostility towards white males within the company.

There you have it. Failed non-white losers who cannot compete in Silicon Valley and tech hate the white American males who founded it. Everyone else wants to get rid of white males because white males did all the hard work of creating Silicon Valley and everyone else is a wannabe. This is the crux of the takeover of Silicon Valley too.

White-dominant culture built Silicon Valley long before the racist Indian Mafia invaded in 1998 and later.

Why is a foreign national from India – Sundar Pichai allowed to run one of the US’s most critical tech companies?

He broke into the US fraudulently on an H-1B temporary worker visa and never left when he was supposed to.

Just more proof anti-white CRT is being used to get rid of white – and black – people in Silicon Valley.

Robin DiAngelo, of course, is a radical left communist anti-white racist.

This article displays in full view how white American men who built Silicon Valley are being erased.

Google – and Big Tech’s – anti-white policies are violations of Federal law – which bans all discrimination in hiring.

Robin DiAngelo is also in violation of Federal laws. Why hasn’t she been sued or arretsed? “class oppression” is a communist term invented by mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. Looks lie she may have had some childhood trauma too when her failed loser mother couldn’t support the family alone. No wonder she wants to attack all the successful American men who built Silicon Valley. Northern CA is full of these insane lunatics.

How much criminal H-1B visa fraud is Sundar Pichai guilty of? Where is the DOL? Where is the EEOC?

The Indian Mafia must be arrested and stopped.

Sundar Pichai is a national security threat. So is Robin DiAngelo. US tech companies are critical to US national security because so much of our economy now depends on the internet. We cannot allow our tech companies to be destroyed or harmed by some nutjobs on a mission to eliminate white American men from tech.

Robin DiAngelo – Wikipedia

Welcome – Robin DiAngelo, PhD

DiAngelo’s website photos are mostly fat women – only showing a few white men. These failed fat loser women always have an axe to grind with men because they are unwanted. Go ahead and drive all the innovators out of Silicon Valley – the entire economy is suffering as a result now. Another crackpot radical nutjob liberal destroying America’s crown jewel out of jealousy.

“Her parents divorced when she was two and with her mother raising 3 children alone, the family fell into poverty. When DiAngelo was eleven years old, her mother died of cancer, at which time she and her sisters were sent to live with their father.[5] When she became of age she took her mother’s name, feeling most strongly connected to the maternal side of her family.

She has written that her “experience of poverty would have been different had [she] not been white”, reflecting that although she feels that she faced “class oppression”, she also benefited from “racial privilege”.

Social justice and racial justice are codewords for stealing from the productive and giving to failed losers – pure communism.

It is not white peoples’ fault that everyone else is lazy.

What a psychopath.

The Indian Mafia that rules Silicon Valley needs a lot more “anti-bias training than any white Americans do”.

Our new $100 million Google Career Certificates Fund

“That sense of purpose and optimism is what brought me to America nearly 30 years ago. And it’s what drew me to Google and its mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

Yes, 30 years ago – when Americans were busy building Silicon valley and making the US economy boom. Once they made the US boom in the late 1990’s armies of Title 8 violating invaders broke into America fraudulently on H-1B temporary work visas.

Sundar Pichai was one of them. The H-1B work visa is supposed to be for temporary work – for a maximum of 6 years. It was never intended to allow invaders to stay forever and steal top US tech companies from Americans who built them.

But that is exactly what Sundar Pichai did when he “came to America”. Now he’s the usurper occupier CEO of Google. His status does not negate his criminal visa fraud, nor the illegal systemic anti-white policies Google promotes as a result.

The optimism American tech workers gifted to America via decades of 80 hour weeks is long gone. It has been replaced by doubt, fear, homelessness, debt, collapsing and incompetent governments, and mass industrial theft. 74 million working-age Americans are out of work now – all thanks to mass foreign invasion and occupation of our economy by people such as Sundar Pichai.

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