Nearly 50 percent of Google new hires in 2020 were “Asian+”

Racist much?

Not only is that illegal, and against US laws and EEOC guidelines, it’s also criminal since many of them came in on H-1B visas from Asia – a violation of Title 8 of US law.

More war on white America by Asians – as usual.

Asians are not just overrepresented at Google – they’re 10X over-represented compared to the general US population.

Anyone who has been to Silicon Valley knows the entire population is 85%+ Asian now. In 1998 it was 90% white. That’s not “diversity” – that’s race-based theft of an entire industry.

Asians are stealing Silicon Valley – and stealing America.

Call your congresspeople now and demand an end to all foreign work visa programs. Then contact the $320-million/yr EEOC and demand they do their jobs in Silicon Valley.

“Compared to the general U.S. population, this means non-white employees are heavily overrepresented at Google at both the leadership and general levels. According to census data, the U.S. is 72.4 percent white and 4.8 Asian“.

more digits Doreen Diggins6 hours ago

Woke Google Sued by Black WOKE Employees for ‘Racism’

“At what point will these woke female 13%erz (and especially white antifa “karens”) figure out that they all going to be replaced with more “appropriate” and less brown surrogates, e.g. dot-indian and latinx human subjects?”

Snowflakes like Robin DiAngelo will learn far too late what they have done to the great country they have been gifted. Most likely the US will be conquered by BRICS and she will be liquidated or enslaved for being such a useful idiot. The suicidal madness that is gripping America now has only ever before been seen in Communist China and Russia – both of which mass murdered tens of millions of their own people.

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