Sundar Pichai + Thomas Kurian do criminal visa fraud @ Google

Google hires Oracle's Thomas Kurian to beat Amazon, Microsoft — Quartz India

Looks like Google has a mass criminal visa fraud scandal going on at its offices.

Why is Google CEO Sundar Pichai allowed to get away with visa fraud?

So an Indian national @ Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, took over, laid off Americans, then shipped all the jobs to InfoSys in India.

That’s illegal under US law. And not just illegal, but criminal visa fraud.

This pattern is endemic in Silicon Valley: American workers build the tech, make it successful, then the Indian Mafia moves in + steals all the jobs and ships them to India. The Americans who did al the work get thrown in the streets, the lazy Indians in India who can’t created anything reap all the benefits.

This is veiled communism folks – jobs redistributon. International socialism.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Pure communism.

Our top corproations are now being used as wealth redistribution engines on a global scale.

Bringing in foreign workers on highly skilled work visas who don’t have the skills and then training them is visa fraud.

And visa fraud is a criminal act.

And that means both Sundar Pichai and Thomas Kurian are criminals.

They’re both knowingly doing crimianl visa fraud.

Kurian himself illegally replaced an American at Google Cloud – Diane Green. So he’s an inadmissible alien as well.

Both Sundar Pichai and Thomas Kurian are enemies of America – and are national security threats.

It’s also clear from the article that once InfoSys losers stole the support jobs from Americans, service went to hell and Looker customers got really pissed.

Highly skilled + talented – at steal and failing, that is!

Before layoffs hit Google-owned Looker, workers unknowingly trained their replacements

Indian corporation pays record $34 million fine to settle allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian reorganizes engineering unit in hopes of gaining market share more quickly

“Looker’s support team, known as the Department of Customer Love (DCL), plans to rely primarily on outsourced labor through contractors from Infosys, an IT staffing firm headquartered in India. For three months before the layoffs, Google Cloud executives tasked DCL employees with designing training programs for the new contractors, not knowing that their own roles were on the chopping block.

“We always asked, ‘What’s the goal of this? Why are we bringing on these [contractor] teams? Are our jobs at stake?’” The employee, who requested anonymity, recalled. “They would always be like, ‘No, no, no, of course not, we just want to bring on the [contractors] so that you guys can get more time off [customer] chat to work on other projects that we have.’…The timeline felt really aggressive.

The goal, of course, was to steal good jobs created by Americans and then ship them to failed loser India to try to alleviate some of the 450 million unemployed people India currently has.

It’s job theft by a criminal scam thief nation – India.

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