White lawyer spills the beans on Asian invasion-takeover

California lawyer goes on 'racist' rant fueled by 'Crazy Rich Asians' movie

Asians are the most racist people on earth. They target areas for systemic racial takeover, then kick all the white Americans out.

There are now 3X as many Asians in America as there were in 1990 – just 32 years ago. 4X as many as in 1980. In CA most white-built counties are now Asian.

Same thing happened in Orange County that happened in Silicon Valley 20 years ago – complete (and illegal) racist Asian takeover of industry, companies, jobs, and business.

The lawyer in this case isn’t wrong – it’s the US gov’t that is wrong for not enforcing Federal laws against inadmissible aliens.

Self-defense against foreign invasion is not “racist”. It’s survival.

Someone needs to make a reality TV show called Crazy Looting Asians to show the mass industrial theft these parasites are pulling off.

Americans are waking up and they are not afraid to tell the truth any longer: we’re being invaded.

Racist Asian workers now dominate Silicon Valley tech jobs

OC Lawyer Draws Flack for Comparing ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ With Negative Racial Stereotypes

Well, if the shoe fits…… thieves generally do carry negative stereotypes.

California lawyer goes on ‘racist’ rant

wric.com won’t ever turn their cameras on inside companies where Asians have driven all the white people out and took over. MSM news in the US doesn’t want white Americans see that.

This is not immigration – this is silent invasion + takeover.

Why are Asians so racist?

Let Crazy Looting Asians into your country and they will steal every last company they can from you. Where is the EEOC?

Triad (organized crime) – Wikipedia

Triads: The Inside Story

Triads: The Inside Story

But don’t worry, it’s not “these people” targeting white Americans.

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