“Documented Dreamers”: No, You’re Not An American, You Are An Illegal Alien!

18 U.S. Code § 1546 – Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents

18 U.S. Code § 911 – Citizen of the United States

18 U.S. Code § 1001 – Statements or entries generally

Queue-Jumping Children Of Legal Temp Visa Holders Want To Stay

This whole AILA/Indian Mafia sob story in front of Congress was a scam. These people were supposed to be temporary guests for Y2K and leave in 2003 when it ended. Now millions of them who overstayed their visas have illegally filed for green cards and are screaming to say forever.

They’re also falsely claiming to be Americans when they’re not.

They’re also violating several US criminal laws.

Silicon Valley is now occupied and stolen by these usurpers, who were never supposed to be here for decades.

Another sob story as they drive millions of Americans from the best jobs in America.

VDARE is starting to wise up to the Indian Mafia invasion + takeover.


“Message to “Documented Dreamer” Athulya Rajakumar: You’re not even a legal immigrant; you’re not even legally in the United States in the first place. In fact, you’re an illegal alien. You’re certainly not an American.

The so-called “Documented Dreamers” are at it again, arrogantly demanding a special amnesty for their parents’ bad decisions. Documented Dreamers are the minor children of aliens admitted to the United States on special investment, employment, or international commerce Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV). An NIV is for a temporary visit for a limited period of time, most commonly used by tourists and business visitors in the United States

Our queue jumper in this instance is illegal alien Athulya Rajakumar.

But that is not enough: this arrogant illegal alien is claiming that she is an American. And she made that claim in open testimony, under oath, to a committee of Congress. That false claim to American citizenship is also a crime, a violation of Title 18 United States Code Section 911, False Claim To U.S. Citizenship.”.

Guess what folks? Millions of H-1B , H4, L-1, and F-1 invaders have done these same crimes since the invasion began in 1998. The instant they set foot on US soil they disregard their promises, agreements, oaths, and signatures, and simply assume and claim they are now Americans – in violation of several US crime laws. This massive invasion crime spree is the prime way these invaders stole Silicon Valley from us – which they still occupy today.

“Removing Barriers to Legal Migration” – an illegal foreign takeover of our gov’t by foreign criminals.

Why are foreign invaders who broke into the US on fraudulent pretenses even allowed to influence our gov’t? This is foreign subverison – as the article states, these people are not Americans. They are temporary foreign guest workers. But now they want to change our immigration laws solely for their benefit and that of their countrymen.

Those legal barriers are there to prevent the US and US citizens from being completely overrun by 3 billion foreign invaders. Our laws are there for a reason.

But now the invaders want them removed – completely.

Nearly every one of these criminals in the fake “green card backlog” – which they caused – are here illegally.

It’s not a green card backlog – it’s a Y2K visa overstayer criminal backlog.

Temporary foreign workers should never, ever be allowed to participate in our gov’t process. They don’t have voting rights, they’re not Americans, and in most cases they are here illegally.

Inadmissible aliens now rule our gov’t and get to make our laws!

There is zero law enforcement from gov’t at any level on these people – save the few token H-1B visa fraud arrests a year so the gov’t can make it appear as though it’s doing something about the problem.

Nearly all of the Dreamer Screamers are from India. This is what happens when we allow a scam program like H-1B and H4 visas to be passed, and then there is zero government enforcement for 1/4 century. With 74 million Americans out of work, these people cannot legally work or stay here.

The law specifically protects American workers from these predatory invaders. But it’s not being enforced.

Our country is being stolen away from us in silence. We’re being hijacked as a nation by the predatory crime nation of India – on a massive scale. Millions of them are now here illegally doing the same thing.

And Athulya Rajakumar lied to Congress – under oath.

“The real solution, though, is to arrest this fake Documented Dreamer and deport her to India”.

You don’t know the 1/2 of it. You should see Silicon Valley. To arrest and deport the millions of illegal criminal indian invaders now working illegally in the US, it would take a military operation – which is exactly what the US gov’t should do to clean this outrageous mess up that is harming millions of Americans.

Welcome to occupied Silicon Valley – now full of Indian usurpers.

Operation Wetback: President Eisenhower’s Answer to Illegal Immigrants in America – He Deported Them!

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