Eric Schmidt admits DC’s economic policy of exporting manufacturing to China is wrecking US science

Sort of the way he killed Novell in the late 90’s by pissing away $700 milion of the company’s cash buying WordPerfect. Novell went under as a result because it needed that $ for R+D for its then-dominant networking position when Windows came to power. Without the cash Novell couldn’t develop new products and died.

What a moron. And this clown has a PhD. Beware of globalist elitist dolts, snowflakes.

“We” didn’t make the collective mistake, Schmidt – American tech workers tried to tell you back in 1998 or so what a mistake this was going to be, but you just wouldn’t listen. You made the mistake – you and the rest of your globalist cabal.

It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take. Who would have thought it – it figures.

We think it’s rather ironic.

Raimondo, of course is pushing a new COMPETES bill which would give US tech companies billions in subsidies to ship plants offshore and bring in even more inadmissible alien BRICS workers to steal our tech.

We made a collective mistake, so let’s make the exact same mistake again 25 years later.

Real smart.

No nation can survive this level of stupidity.

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