RICO Title 8 Violator Sheela Murthy talks about Y2K Visa Overstayer backlog

There is no backlog.

They were supposed to be temporary guest workers for Y2K. Millions of them violated their terms of entry with intent to immigrate, and then illegally filed for green cards when they weren’t supposed to.

How can criminal lawyers such as Title 8 violator Sheela Murthy walk around scott-free while doing massive immigration fraud crimes?

280,000 MORE US jobs stolen from Americans in just 1 single year by these criminals.

“Family-based cases which spill over into employment-based cases” – in other words the inadmissible aliens bring their entire families in with them and they all steal jobs from Americans.

The great resignation is a bullshit coverup for armies of these theives displacing Americans.

BLS FRED data prove it.

Americans aren’t resigning – they’re being driven out of the workforce.

Why is Sheela Murthy lying? Silicon Valley is now occupied by these thieves.

More organized crime racketeering out of the Indian Mafia.

Contact your congresspeople now and demand an end to all foreign work visa programs now.

Then contact the DOJ and demand these criminals be arrested immediately.

18 U.S. Code § 1546 – Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

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To So-Called “Documented Dreamers”: No, You’re Not An American, You Are An Illegal Alien!

“Billions of positions that have not been filled”. Don’t think so Ms. Murthy – the US only has about 165 million jobs and at least 1/2 of them are now occupied by inadmissible aliens.

It’s not baffling – you are displacing Americans out of the industry they built in their own country. And you’re all criminals.


Are lying + fraud woven into the Indian DNA? Call the DOJ and demand this crimnal be locked up now.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

BLS data proves 74-million working-age Americans have been displaced out of the workforce since the H-1B

visa caps were raised in 2000 and illegal India Inc staffing agencies began operating in the US. Ms. Murthy is

simply lying. Her law firm is also doing criminal visa fraud. Why are foreign criminal lawyers allowed to operate in

the US in violation of our laws?

The fake DOL unemployment number of 6% simply no longer counts anyone out of the workforce for more than 6 months. The real unemployment rate is at least 50% because of the mass invasion + takeover.

We’re being invaded and overrun.

And yes, they’re stealing millions of US jobs – not to mention billions of dollar of our trade + defense secrets.

People like Murthy and her friends are genociding Americans in America.

It’s that simple.


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Time to Get Tough on India Stealing Our Stuff

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We’re not afraid of fake high-skilled armies of Indian invaders taking away jobs – we’re merely demanding

inadmissible alein temporary guest workers who stole and now occupy Silicon Valley leave the US as required under

Title 8 of US law. Entering the US on temporary guest worker visas with intent to immigrate is a Federal crime and

is illegal under US law.

Expert warns of impending ‘genocide’ of Muslims in India

Violence against Christians in India

Persecution in India is ‘Religious Genocide,’ Says Ministry | World News

The genocide in India – Indica news

But don’t worry – they’re not taking away Americans’ jobs. Is genocide woven into the Indian DNA?

Americans are even being genocided out of Apple.

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