Immigration and the Crisis of Low Wages

Bingo, CIS. Like VDARE, you’re finally getting it.

Mass immigration oversupplies the labor market and drives wages down.

It’s an undeniable fact.

Cheap foreign labor and rigged labor markets are what are really killing the world economy.

Silicon Valley, BTW was created by college dropouts.

Most foreign workers, skilled or unskilled are inadmissible aliens under US law.

Which means most employers are violating US law.

There are only roughtly 165 million jobs in the US.

Which means the real US unemployment rate is around 43% – far higher than Great Depression levels of 25%.

“As my colleague Steven Camarota points out, today there are nearly 61 million immigrants and U.S.-born residents, ages 16-64, who are unemployed or not in the labor force. Of this number, 69 percent are adults without a bachelor’s degree. This is an enormous supply of potential workers for employers to draw upon if they were paid properly and treated fairly. But employers have chosen to use newly arrived immigrants instead. These arrangements, lacking adequate wages and benefits, act as a corporate subsidy while exacerbating societal polarization”.

Alan Greenspan Thinks White Collar Workers Earn Too Much

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