‘My Readers Comment On “The Indian CEO Virus”‘

“They’re importing their countrymen to colonize the companies and drive out whites”.

“Indians are packed into the Biden Regime like cobras in a snake charmer’s basket”.

“Third World immigrants and their children have been worming their way into Congress for some time, as VDARE.com reported two years ago”.

Call you congresspeople now and demand an end to all foreign work visa programs.

Indians who control Big Tech?

That’s illegal – not to mention racist.

Not to mention a massive national security threat.

Where are the EEOC and DOJ Civil Rights Division?

And why do we turn our most important tech companies over to a foreign power?

Never before in US history has an entire industry been stolen by a single foreign power on US soil.

“The Indian CEO Virus”—Is It Good for the Historic American Nation?


“I did this after Unz.com reposted my VDARE.com piece on the Indians who control Big Tech, who have become CEOs of the most influential and potentially dangerous platforms that virtually control modern communications.

A heck of a lot of well-read people are out there, including some Righteous Indians who agree that giving their co-ethnics such power is bad for America.

Indians like immigrant Twitter chieftain Parag Argawal offer big smiles and a warm, friendly manner. But that’s all show. Those who have conquered Big Tech and now censor real Americans are, I said, are “ruthless, grasping foreigners and they’re bent on using their power to import fellow “blacks with brains” and form a new Ruling Class.”

Blacks with brains? Every one of the Big Tech companies was built by Americans. Indians didn’t start invading and taking over until around 18 years ago or so.

And to date there is no single Big Tech company built entirely by Indians from the ground up.

Nor is there even a single major computer programming language created by Indians.

Not one.

These people are thief parasites – they take over what Americans build.

Takeover isn’t the same thing as innovation.

And Parag Argawal is not an immigrant. He’s an inadmissible alien who entered the US fraudulently on an H-1B visa with itent to immigrate – which is a violation of Federal law.

18 U.S. Code § 1546 – Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents

“The CEO of Pepsi, Indian Indra Nooyi, imported more than 2,000 foreigners on H1-B visas. When she retired, she segued into work for her Yale MBA classmate, Ned Lamont, the governor of Connecticut, on his economic advisory panel:

There she brokered a deal to reward the Indian consulting company, Infosys, a $14 million prize for ostensibly creating jobs. When local tech workers voiced their concerns and energized the press to ask whether American or foreign workers would benefit, all Infosys could say was the workers would be “authorized to work in the United States.”

CT’s economy, of course, crashed after InfoSys invaded – because it moved most of the good CT insurance jobs back to India or invaded the US insurance companies in CT and displaced all the American workers with India Inc invaders – which is also visa fraud.

Infosys’ promised job creation in CT fails miserably

Indian corporation pays record $34 million fine to settle allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes

“Not one of these Big Tech CEOS was born here:

  • Narayen—Hyderabad, India
  • Krishna—West Godavari
  • Pichai—Madurai
  • Nadella—Hyderabad
  • Agrawal—Ajmer”

“Most are Mexicans or Central Americans, but four of the immigrants or their children are Indians. Born in India were Chennai’s Pramilla Jayapal and New Delhi’s Raja Krishnamoorthi, both hard-Left Democrats. Two other Democrats, Ami Bera and Ro Khanna, are the children of Indian immigrants.

Recall that Jayapal, three years ago, bragged that she helped illegals sneak into the country to file what were probably false asylum claims. She also thinks Trump and his supporters are racists“.

Raja Krishnamoorthi: The RSS’s Man in US Congress | by Pieter Friedrich | Medium

Did Jayapal really just say “racists”? In that case welcome to Silicon Valley.
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