7 Twilio Indian Americans charged in $1 mil insider trading ring

Importing the best + brightest America can’t do without.

Of course they were Bay Area “software engineers”. Probably came in fraudulently on H-1B visas.

Now you know why the Indian Mafia is screaming for green cards for their kids and all the “aging out” hype – so the nepotistic criminals can continue to loot America into the ground.

And these are just a few who got caught. This goes on all the time in the Indian Mafia. They just can’t resist having some side scam to make $.

Highly skilled + talented.

Contact your congresspeople now and demand an end to all foreign work visa programs.



Software engineers allegedly used valuable pandemic related revenue information at San Francisco tech company

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged three Indian American software engineers along with four family members and friends in an insider trading scheme to allegedly make more than $1 million in illegal profits.

Employed at Twilio, Inc, a San Francisco-based cloud computing communications company, three friends Hari Sure, Lokesh Lagudu and Chotu Pulagam had access to various databases relevant to the company’s reporting of revenue, according to the SEC complaint.

And….. according to Federal data, Twilio employs over 300 inadmissible aliens illegally – all while 74 million working-age Americans are out of work. While pay rates for the H-1B jobs at Twilio are in line with industry norms, it’s obvious Americans could be found for these jobs.

We’re quite sure Twilio could find an American Pricing and Packaging Director, or a handful of backend test enigneers, or an “email specialist”.

Obviously Twilio is doing mass H-1B visa fraud.


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