India Inc agent Lofgren intros the Jumpstart our Legal Immigration System Act

They’re not legal – and they’re not immigrants.

They’re non-immigrant temporary guest workers who are inadmissible aliens under US law – and they are illegally displacing Americans from jobs.

Non-immigrant temporary guest workers do not have voting rights, are not constituents, and are not allowed to influence our gov’t.

Under US law, anyone who enters the US on a temporary work visa with intent to emigrate is commiting a Federal felony. But that is exactly what these people are doing.

All of it is totally illegal.

The 1990 law of course was supposed to bring in a few limited foreign workers to augment the US workforce.

Silicon Valley – Lofgren’s home district was mostly still American tech workers back then.

Instead of a few limited workers, the 1990 law and further visa increases passed in 1998 and 2001 flooded the US with millions of foreign workers, mostly from India + China who have now stolen + occupy Silicon Valley

Most of Silicon Valley’s American creators have been driven out.

Many of the invaders are foreign industrial spies who steal our industries and move them back to Asia.

Even Apple had an industrial spy from China.

Importing foreign industrial thieves doesn’t invest in our economy.

All of these workers are inadmissible aliens under Title 8 of US law and none of them were ever supposed to be here long-term.

There is no backlog – all of these people filed for greencarda when they weren’t supposed to.

Under Title 8, all those jobs belong to Americans, who, legally, can not be replaced.

The inadmissible alien invaders regularly send their kids with bullhorns to Lofgren’s San Jose office to stalk her and demand more violations of our laws.

Contact your congresspeople now and demand this law be stopped. These people should be deported now.

18 U.S. Code § 1546 – Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents

Economic suicide and importing industrial thieves is not common sense.

You’re a temporary guest and non-constituent – you have no say in our gov’t.

You’re the ones discriminating, and you have no say in our gov’t. You’re temporary guests, remember?

How can temporary guests tell our gov’t what to do?

You’re not legal, and you’re not immigrants.

You’re not legal, and you’re not immigrants. Non-immigrants aren’t allowed to make US law.

Because most of America expects you to leave as originally agreed.

Your “dreams” are irrelevant. The law is. And you are violating it. USA isn’t your cookie jar for the taking. We have laws in this country.

Nothing is being wasted – you’re all inadmissible aliens and not allowed to work here. There is no backlog, and intent to immigrate after entering on a temporary guest worker visa is a Federal crime. Why are you breaking the law. You have no voting rights, and are not allowed to “change” our system, which serves US citizens, not non-immigrant temporary guest workers and inadmissible aliens. Stop stalking OUR government.

You’re not legal and you’re not immigrants.

Shouldn’t have tried to invade illegally. Criminals usually experience karma in some form or another, eventually.

And you’re not legal and you’re not immigrants.

Yep. You’re not legal and you’re not an immigrant.

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