India-Oz FTA opens visa flood gates

Rob those jobs.

Millions of Austrailians are about to lose their jobs.

Note how the immigration provisions for Indians in the FTA were snuck in via a “side letter” at the last minute “over the weekend”. Invasion wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal originally.

The real purpose of all this, of course, is to provide India a way for it to dump its unemployables into western countries – and to drive down locals’ wages in Oz.

“As expected, the newly inked Australia-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will open the immigration floodgates, greatly increasing access for Indian workers and students:

Australian and Indian architects, engineers and accountants will be recognised in each other’s countries under a new free trade deal between the two nations…

Australia will also grant visas to 1000 young Indians every year who want a working holiday in the country.”

Except that India doesn’t allow western workers to go take jobs in India so Austrailians won’t get any STEM jobs in India. Only Indians will be hired in India, and Indians will move into Oz and take those STEM jobs too.

1000 visas isn’t that much compared to America (which imports 200,000 of the looters every single year), but in a few years the Indian Mafia will have a foothold in Oz – and once they begin their criminal operations will likely take over everything.

“Obviously, the flow of professionals will be one way from India to Australia. This is concerning as the Indian tertiary education system is far inferior to Australia’s“.

Wait, what? Aren’t Indians the sopper dooper Hindoo tech geniuses of the world?

It’s all a scam folks – India’s faled losers get hyped up by NASSCOM and the Indian gov’t, they flood other countries with fake claims of being engineers, loot all the western companies, destroy everything, send as much $ back home as possible, collapse and trash everything, then move on to the next unsuspecting country.

It’s how India rolls.

After a few years, the “temporary” students and workers will claim they’re “immigrants” and own the country they invaded.

Locals will have zero say in the matter as their country gets consumed by these thieving parasites.

“This is deal is a slap in the face for Australia’s young people seeking careers in professional industries who will be shut out by Indians prepared to work for much lower salaries. Older Australian professionals will also find themselves increasingly unemployable over 50″.

This is colonization, folks. White countries are being targeted by India.

India’s silent conquest and robbery of the world continues unabated.

White people from the west aren’t allowed to work in companies in India. No one else is either, for that matter. Only Indians are allowed to work in India, FTA’s not withstanding.

Highly skilled and talented.

International……. students.

The looters pulled the same con game off in Silicon Valley decades ago – which is still occupied by them today.

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  1. Notice how both China and Russia protect their own workers from invasion by Indian workers?
    The west needs to take a lesson from their playback if it is to survive its demise.

    1. All the BRICS countries are racist and closed. No one in Asia believes in this open borders multiculturalism crap. It was all a scam to get us to open our borders so they could steal our industries which they have now done. BRICS alliance has planned to bring down the west. Russia has used India as a weapon against the US. We’re being looted by these parasites. National sucicide.

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