Constructing “Caste” in California

The Nazi Indian Mafia is taking over our country and corrupting everything, folks.

Brahmins Discriminate Against Untouchables in Silicon Valley

“Earlier this year, the California State University (CSU) System Board of Trustees voted to include caste in their anti-discrimination policy, next to “Race or Ethnicity (including color, caste, or ancestry).”  They approved this policy, over the written protests of about 80 of their own faculty members of all races, ethnicities, and religions who opposed the move. They also ignored a written complaint from a number of Hindu students studying at CSU campuses across the state.

California’s high-tech companies employ a large number of South Asians. There is a pending lawsuit in which a Cisco Dalit employee alleged caste-based discrimination by his supervisors of Indian ancestry. What is generally excluded from this narrative, is that the same allegedly ‘casteist’ supervisor had hired the alleged Dalit victim in the 1st place and also promoted Dalits to the senior-most positions in their team. The employee complaint was twice investigated by Cisco and found no evidence of alleged discrimination. Yet, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit alleging “caste” discrimination and making broad claims about the Hindu faith itself. This one and so far unproven allegation has been used to broadly paint all South Asian tech workers as guilty of being prone to discrimination.

The caste-based protection policies single out South Asians, especially Hindu Indians, for a double standard not applied to other immigrant or even native-born groups. Groups like the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA) have already flagged how the unproven Cisco allegations have been used as “proof” for various colleges to pass resolutions regarding “caste” despite the lack of any solid evidence of any such ongoing discrimination occurring on their campuses. Meanwhile, the CSU faculty that protested has already become the target of threats and hateful comments”.

Yes, because millions of them stole jobs from Americans, who built Silicon Valley. Nearly all of these illegal invaders are inadmissible aliens who illegally filed for green cards with intent to immigrate – a Federal crime.

No other group in America is conducting as obvious and as wholesale and vicious racial ethnic + caste war on Americans as Hindus are.

They’re being singled out because they are the only group doing it and getting away with it at such an outrageous level.

An entire industry and America’s crown jewel – stolen and now occupied by a single foreign race from another country.

Can you believe this is actually happening in America?

The US gov’t does not care – and actually enables the crime by way of its mass visa programs for foreign workers, all of which are being abused by foreign powers.

Our top companies are being inavded and stolen by these thieves, and Americans who worked 80 hours a week to build the industry are being genocided out of it.

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18 U.S. Code § 1546 – Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents

“Two Sunnyvale firms owned by the same man have been ordered to pay $187,000 in back wages and fines for shortchanging foreign software engineers working on H-1B visas, the U.S. Department of Labor announced Monday.

Scopus Consulting Group and Orian Engineers, both owned by Kishore Kumar, were ordered to pay 21 workers $84,000 in back wages and $103,000 in fines, Department of Labor officials said”.

“The last time congress passed an immigration bill, 70% of the workers in Silicon Valley weren’t from foreign countries.”

“Lack of any solid evidence of any such ongoing discrimination”. What do you call 100% Indians? Non-discrimination?

“Discrimination against any individual is morally and socially reprehensible and legally prohibited”. Unless, of course

you’re the Indian Mafia running Silicon Valley. Then it’s perfectly OK.

“The caste-based protection policies single out South Asians, especially Hindu Indians, for a double standard not applied to other immigrant or even native-born groups”.

morally and socially reprehensible and legally prohibited“. Except in the occupied Bay Area.
South Asian inadmissible alien job thief.
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