Former Cisco Slumdog jailed for fraud, dodging taxes

Lean in for a tale of shell companies, fake CEOs, bribes, prison time and $3.6m in fines

“A former Cisco executive was this month sentenced to 36 months in a US prison, and ordered to pay more than $3.6m in fines, for wire fraud and tax violations.

Former senior director of Cisco’s global supplier management operation, Prithviraj “Roger” Bhikha, admitted in November last year, as he pleaded guilty, that he took kickbacks to the tune of $1.15m while sourcing suppliers on Cisco’s behalf.

A supplier that hoped to do business with Cisco paid money to a Hong Kong company Bhikha created, called Lucena. Lucena was later transferred under his wife’s name. Bhikha then hired Lucena to provide Cisco with price negotiation services.

Cisco had no idea what was going on”.

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