Now is the Time to Reform the H-1B Visa Program

We agree but various gum-flappers have been saying the same thing for close to 1/4 century.

Nothing has ever been done.

Not even by Modi-hugger Trump.

The mass genocide of American STEM workers and engineers is without precedent in US history.

Rigging labor markets is a Federal crime but that is exactly what visa programs such as H-1B are doing.

Silicon Valley, built by Americans, has been stolen and is still occupied by India + China 1/4 century later.

Tens of millions of inadmissible aliens + industrial theives have illegally broken into America on work visas and filed for green cards with intent to immigrate – a Federal crime.

The gov’t won’t lift a single finger to protect US tech industries even though the evidence of mass foreign invasion and theft is everywhere.

The H-1B program cannot be reformed. We need an end to all foreign work visa programs now.

And we need the millions of foreign usurpers rounded up and thrown out of the country and out of our companies.


  • The H-1B Program Displaces American Workers.

The H-1B program permits employers to legally underpay H-1B workers, making employing these visa recipients cheaper than hiring or retaining American citizens. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), H-1B visa holders earn significantly less than American workers, despite being in identical positions and having similar education and work experience.

The EPI data also show that 60 percent of visa holders are paid well below the median wages in their localities by their sponsoring companies. This forces U.S. workers to compete in a job market that slashes their earning potential and prioritizes hiring foreign labor. In countless cases, labor contractors have fired American STEM employees to cut costs.

  • Many H-1B recipients are not highly skilled“.

Displacing any US worker with any foreign worker is a violation of US law under Title 8 Section 1182, Subsection (5) INADMISSIBLE ALIENS. Even if the foreign worker is more skilled. Federal law says all US jobs belong to US workers first. In nearly all cases under US law it is illegal to even admit inadmissible aliens for work.


If you don’t believe us, go read the law.

America as an open borders “land of immigrants” is a legal fiction which does not exist in America.

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