Bill Clinton: I Tried to Put Russia on Another Path

Former Presidents Putin and Clinton Talk Russian Spy Arrests - CBS News

No you didn’t, you lying sack of communist shit.

It’s because of you the world is now facing BRICS monsters.

You were the one who pushed to open trade with Russia, India, China when you were President in 1998.

It was you who approved the $150 billion loan to Russia that same year – which it promptly used to build up its military.

A loan which, to date, Russia has never repaid.

It was you who authorized the export of western ICBM tech to China + India – BRICS allies who can now threaten the US with nuclear war if we don’t capitulate.

You caused this mess, and you can’t cover it up.

In all truth, you should be locked up for treason, if not executed for it.

Do you think Americans forgot what you did?

We never forget.

Just like we never forget that it was you who gave away Silicon Valley and our tech industry to the BRICS too while in office.




Bill Clinton is trying to cover up for his crimes on the American people, and on the world.

Are you still working for the Chinese communist party?

How much $ did your foundation take from CCP agent James Riady and others?

American needs a full FBI investgation to find out.

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