Feds Charge Cupertino Pair With Visa Fraud

Ah yes Cupertino – we used to live there.

Once upon a time it was a great place for Americans.

But then armies of foreign invaders from India + China moved in and stole everything – driving Americans out of the city and out of CA. Some who used to live there even died as a result.

Welcome to Amerika.


“Two executives in a Santa Clara County tech company were charged with visa fraud Tuesday in federal court in San Jose.

Elangovan Punniakoti and Mary Christeena, CEO and president, respectively, of Innovate Solutions, Inc., were charged with visa fraud and conspiracy to commit visa fraud for a decade, according to an announcement by United States Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds and other federal officials.

The indictment charges that from 2010 to 2020, the 52-year-old Punniakoti and 47-year-old Christeena, both of Cupertino, submitted 54 fraudulent H-1B visa applications for foreign workers sponsored by Innovate Solutions, incorporated in 2008 as an information technology services company.

With an H-1B visa, a sponsoring employer can employ a foreign worker in the United States on a temporary, nonimmigrant basis in a “specialty occupation,” which requires the worker to have specialized knowledge and a college degree or its equivalent in the specialty.”.

If they are “temporary”, then why are there 10 million of them now in a fake green card backlog screaming to stay forever?

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