Rishad Premji’s pro-tip for work + life: ‘Weed out the prima donnas’

Ah ha! Premji spills the beans.

Sure the India Inc mafia wants to loot America, and steal all our industries.

But what it really wants is to make sure no American tech workers are better than any Indians.

With this kind of mentality, it’s no wonder tech has been cheapened down to a garbage level.

Indians are the biggest losers on the planet, and if they can’t be great, they don’t want anyone else being great either.

Steve Jobs was a prima donna, but look what he created.

Premji’s dad, Azim Premji, a wanted visa-fraud criminal, once went on US national TV saying “America does not have the talent” – even though it was Americans who built Silicon Valley.

If you get rid of all the best workers at your company because they are better than you, it’s highly likely your company will fail.

No wonder India is the #1 failed loser shithole dump on the planet.

India is too busy worrying about who is better than whom to have time to actually produce anything.

America is under attack by these people.

Killing your best workers is the quickest way to kill your economy too.

We need to shut down all scum India Inc staffing companies in America now – starting with RICO organized crime shop Wipro.

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