Dr. Sam Richards pumps H-1B lies @ Penn State

“It’s very hard to get a green card”.

No it’s not. The US issues 100,000s of green cards every single year – which means a few million more invaders flood the US every 10 years.

And that’s just the number entering on green cards – not including millions of invasion visas.

The good Dr. even goes so far as to admit startups use H-1B visas to “Pay American workers half the wages”.

Too bad that’s a Federal crime under Title 8 of US law.

Why is an American professor promoting criminal labor-market rigging in a major US college?

Call the DOJ and demand this clown be arrested now.

This loser has no idea what he’s talking about. More national suicidal leftist propaganda.

Lying to young American kids.

The fact is millions of American workers are being displaced from their jobs by armies of millions of foreign invaders.

No amount of talk can cover up facts.

There’s a long line of people waiting for green cards because millions of them entered the US illegally and filed for green cards while on student visas, or temporary work visas – both illegal.

This crap is what passes for “Sociology” at Penn State.

Penn State’s homepage is full of inadmissible alien invaders and has all but erased white males from the site.

Just another leftist American institution teaching open borders and foreign invasion. More leftist moron professors such as Dr. Sam Richards who have no idea what they’re talking about – let alone, the law.

“Really, really smart people”.

So smart, in fact, Americans are training them to steal their jobs.

Average IQ in India is 82 – 17 points below American average IQ – and borderline retarded.

Americans built Silicon Valley and that is a fact. Long before these usurpers arrived.

Replacing American tech workers is a Federal crime under Title 8 of US law.

So is filing for green cards if you enter the US on student or temporary work permits.

But none of that matters to Dr. Richards. Propaganda is all that is taught in American colleges today.

The tech boom happened because of the efforts of American workers during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Foreign workers for the most part didn’t even begin coming to Silicon Valley until after 2000 or so – decades after Americans built it.

In 1998 Silicon Valley was 98% white American males. Invaders didn’t reach critical mass until 2003 or so.

Silicon Valley was built on the backs of American tech workers who have had their lives and careers stolen from them.

“You can make so much money…… and they’re almost guaranteed to be smarter”.

Really? IITs in India are ranked 300th in world university rankings.

MIT is ranked #1 in the world.

But Sam Richards never mentions that.

Go back and watch all the 2013 WWDC videos from Apple and watch how many Indians you see as presenters.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans.

India + China are here to steal our industries, not build them.

There isn’t even a single major programming language ever created in India or China. Nearly every modern programming language was written by Americans. Ruby is the one major exception. And its author was Japanese.

This is all fake international socialist wealth redistribution via job theft, folks. And it’s illegal in most cases.

This clown should be arrested for subversion – if not aiding and abetting enemies – another Federal crime.

Silicon Valley was mostly founded by college dropouts and hippies – Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Ellison are all examples.

Not by PhDs.

The parasite invaders collapsed Silicon Valley in 2002 – shortly after arrival. Once they collapsed it, they all fled to Wall St. and collapsed that too in 2008.

The truth is everywhere these parasites show up dies.

How would you like to be a Penn State student and be told by a professor that you’re dumber than people in IQ82 India and you’re not going to get a job when you graduate because they are all being brought over by the millions to displace you.

Can you believe this is even going on in America?

Towards the end of the speech the good Dr. launches into an emotional appeal to let more of the thieves in.

He even says “I’m a corporation. I don’t have boundaries”.

Yes you do. Inside the US you do. Corporations are not above the law. Corporatons are not allowed to violate US immigration laws with impunity.

Are we a nation of the rule of law or not?

Perhaps you should know what you’re talking about before you give a lecture.

Indian-American sold B-2 stealth tech to China: US

18 U.S. Code § 1546 – Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

Sam Richards, Ph.D., HPS — Department of Sociology and Criminology

Teaching Professor of Sociology

Co-Founder, World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy 416 Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802 Email: samrichards@psu.edu Office Phone: (814) 863-7456


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“Scarce people in the United States” – like the 74 million working-age Americans driven from the labor force since the H-1B invasion began 1998-2000.

Scarce people like that.

Americans created Silicon Valley long before these armies of thieves arrived.

There is no shortage of anyone in America – in fact, we have a massive surplus of skilled workers.

Sam Richards, Ph.D., HPS is either a propagandist, or else a complete moron.

Epic Systems wins $940 mln U.S. jury verdict in Tata trade secret case

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We can assure you, foreign invaders did not create a “tech boom” in America.

Asia’s rampant cheating problem | Salon.com

So globalization really was all about cheap labor

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