They Can Print Money, But They Can’t Print Food

They don’t want to print food either, they want to starve you into submission, which is exactly what they are planning to do with “food shortages” – all CCP communist-style.

The reason the Fed has to keep printing money 24/7 is because of the tens of billions of dollars in remittances looted out of the US every single year by armies of invading foreign workers.

The Fed can’t print $ fast enough for the billions looted out of the US by foreign workers.

India to top global remittances chart in 2017

As the IMF admits, USA is being mass looted by foreign workers. Billions are being sucked out of the country every year – enough to buy a house for every homeless person in America. Mexico, China, and India are by far the biggest looters. Phillipines is a close 4th. US dollars are worth a fortune in the 3rd world.

Comparing Mexico's Remittances To Every Other Country
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