Russia May Force Tech-Savvy Prisoners To Perform Low-Cost IT Work For Companies

As we have been saying for years, the real globalist goal of allowing trade with BRICS is ultimately worldwide slavery.

Russia would love to dominate the world and satisfy Wall St’s lust for cheap or free labor.

Never forget it was Putin who said in 2000 about Silicon Valley: “It should be used to get these people out of poverty” – meaning India.

Russia and communists have no problem stealing and exploiting anything they can get away with.

Communists run most of their economies off slave labor camps which is the only way they are able to undercut the west on price.

Alexander Khabarov, deputy head of Russia’s penitentiary service, said his agency had received proposals from businessmen in different regions to involve IT specialists serving sentences in correctional centers to work remotely for commercial companies. Khabarov told Russian media outlets that under the proposal people with IT skills at these facilities would labor only in IT-related roles, but would not be limited to working with companies in their own region“.

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