Apple robbed again by Indian + Chinese industrial theives

Apple just won’t learn its lesson.

After getting robbed twice before by Asian industrial thieves, now 2 more of them have stolen Apple’s M1 chip secrets and gone to work for a startup in Mountain View.

Of course 1 of the spies was Indian, and the other Chinese.

Enjoy your losses Apple.

M1 won’t save you as long as you continue to allow Asian thieves to work at Apple.

America is totally suicidal.

Apple claims Mountain View startup poached engineers who took secrets

“Apple has filed a lawsuit against a Mountain View startup called Rivos it claims poached employees who took chip-design secrets on their way out of the Cupertino iPhone giant.

“Rivos continues to target Apple engineers, with more departures occurring this month,” the lawsuit filed Friday alleged.

The suit also names two former Apple employees alleged to have taken secret data with them to Rivos. Bhasi Kaithamana worked at Apple in Austin, Texas, for almost 8 years as an engineer managing chip design, according to the suit. Apple claims Kaithamana accepted a job offer from Rivos between July 20 and August 9 last year, then asked Apple for a vacation day August 10.

“During his day off, Mr. Kaithamana created a new folder on his Apple-issued computer and began copying over Apple documents containing proprietary and trade secret information,” the suit alleged. Although Kaithamana resigned from Apple on August 13, “he worked to continue amassing a collection of Apple’s proprietary and trade secret (chip) files until the day before he left Apple on August 16,” the suit claimed. The folder Kaithamana named “APPLE_WORK_DOCS” contained thousands of Apple documents, and he copied files onto an external storage drive, Apple alleged..”

Blackburn Introduces Legislation to Encourage Innovation + Entrepreneurs

No one in America is about to risk anything or innovate anything as long as the US is occupied by armies of Asian industrial thieves who all enter the US on work visas.

Get it Blackburn?

U.S. Says Accused Apple Secrets Thief Had Patriot Missile File

Ex-Apple Employee Accused of Stealing Self-Driving-Car Tech | WIRED

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