Green Card screamer roundup

We don’t have time to comment on all the inadmissisble alien green card screamers on Twitter so we’ll just summarize here.

Americans are tired of having theit jobs and industries stolen and being defamed by you inadmissible alien parasite visa overstayers. If you don’t like Hindoophobia, don’t be so racist.

Did NASSCOM‘s PR agency buy the article?

India was never developed. 5,000 years old and still a trash dump. Next you will be claiming India invented nuclear power and the internet again.

And India must return $20 trillion in remittances stolen from American tech workers since 1998.

If you don’t like paying taxes, don’t sign the immigration forms and come to America, you thieves.

More tax cheats out of the Indian mafia.

There is no backlog. You are all inadmissible aliens violating Title 8 of our laws. You were supposed to be temporary for Y2K. No such thing as “long term visas in America”. You caused the backlog for filing for green cards when you weren’t allowed to. Stop the screaming.

No such thing as luck .It is not America’s fault you losers can’t make your own country work. Why do you think Americans who worked 80 hours a week owe you anything? No one gave America any “luck”. We worked to earn what we have. Stop being so lazy. What a bunch of crybaby failed losers.

You are violating our laws. Period.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

Bye. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Americans need those houses. All you are doing is driving the prices up by overstaying your visas.

There is no backlog. And stop coming into our country on temporary work visas and then telling us how to change our laws. You’re subverting our gov’t.

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