Americans: Immigration Threatens Job Prospects


Silicon Valley is occupied by foreign powers.


deplorable Insurrectionist6 hours ago

Mass illegal alien invaders, not ‘immigrants”. My father was an Italian immigrant, he went through Ellis Island legally and did what was expected of him”

cupera26 hours ago

“If you talk to carpenters, stone masons, house painters, landscapers, house cleaners, body shop, building construction workers and any skilled or semi-skilled job, you’ll find a deep well of resentment at the numbers of illegal’s competing with them for the same work and keeping wages suppressed. Because of illegal immigrants are willing to work for far less money than legitimate tradesmen, especially in the Southwest US border areas. The open borders policies that Biden has implemented has brought in over two million illegal’s in less than a year. These legal Americans have experienced low wages for a couple of decades now from the border crossers. Legal US citizens from other countries and any other Americans that are at the bottom of the ladder are not at all happy about this invasion”.

Popp40 cupera24 hours ago

“It is also tech job and now “white collar” workers…with the H1B visas being given out like m&ms to people from India is replacing Americans in those positions as well. And when you factor in inflation people in IT are making roughly the same as they were in the 90s”.

Tyler Durden Popp403 hours ago

Also be very wary of the narrative that companies are having a hard time filling jobs. I suspect a large percentage of the tech job listings are not intended to be filled, just posted so that they can claim there is a shortage of Americans for the job…. “please grant more H1Bs”

Criminal Hillary Clinton rigs the US STEM labor market.

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