AAPIs to help rig next elections

Why are Asians so racist?

It is illegal for any non-citizen to vote in US Federal elections but that is exactly what the AAPI Mafia is planning to facilitate.

You are not Americans, you are illegal, inadmissible aliens who all overstayed your visas.

And you definitely don’t belong here.

White Americans defending their country, industries, and jobs from Asian parasite thief invaders is not “white supremacy”. It’s the law, first of all, and second of all it’s national survival.

Athulya Kumar Is An Illegal


“Tune in for a message from VP Kamala Harris in honor of Asian American and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We’re proud to celebrate APAHM 2022 as our first Asian and Black Vice President leads America into our bright future.

“Our administration will continue to fight to make sure that all members of the AA and NHPI community have the opportunity to succeed and to thrive. Because every one of us have a role to play in our shared American story.

Celebrate APAHM 2022 with us:

For Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, [words] are and have always been a matter of life and death,” write Rep. Grace Meng and AAPI Victory Fund’s Founder and Chair Shekar Narasimhan in their opinion piece Ending Asian Hate Begins With Each of Us. The op-ed reflects upon the murder of Vincent Chin, “a Chinese American man senselessly killed because a wave of anti-Asian hate was gripping America in 1982”.

Exactly 40 years later, we’re grappling against another similar wave. We know that these attacks are rooted in racism and the dangerous tenets of white supremacy, and we’re determined to stand strong against these attacks. We are not the perpetual foreigners or the model minority. We are Americans and we belong here.

How’s that for ‘Asian hate’?
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