PR: Babies + future: Japan needs more people. India needs more jobs

The Indian mafia and NASSCOM sure are salivating about taking over Japan.

Trash dump India loves shiny objects, and Japan’s beauty and jobs are too much for the looters to resist.

Japan doesn’t know it yet but it is about to get invaded and robbed by India.

We can assure you, Japan does not have a population crisis.

Why do Indians need more “skilling”? Aren’t they the most skilled Smartest People In The World already?

Why can’t genius India create more jobs for its own people?

Why do Indians always want to live in other peoples’ countries?

More parasites.

Musk’s grim Japan tweet puts spotlight on ‘population bomb’

Elon Musk tweets Japan ‘will eventually cease to exist’, provoking anger

Japan’s new capitalism goes full open borders communism

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