Broadcom to buy H-1B trashed VMware for $61 bil

Both companies were H-1B invaded years ago.

Both are employing inadmissible aliens and doing H-1B visa fraud.

VMWare‘s quality of course, went right downhill after it got H-1B invaded.

So much so that no one wants their products anymore.

It’s the Sun-Oracle Java effect all over again – where Sun got trashed by H-1B invaders in the late 90’s and in order to avoid the embarrassment of Sun having to close its doors, it instead “merged” with Oracle. All that is left of Sun today is Java. And 10,000’s of tech jobs were lost.

Now the same thing has happened to VMWare, once an awesome company.

Broadcom makes modems and chips. There is almost zero strategic fit between the 2 companies.

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