Crime Boss Rishad Premji: Wipro Is Looking To Enhance Cloud-Based Services

Crime Boss Rishad Premji, whose company Wipro violates US immigration laws every single day sure loves to yak it up and play the PR game.

But the truth is Wipro is an organized crime syndicate looting billions out of the US economy by doing mass H-1B visa fraud on our soil.

Wipro was also instrumental in causing the dot-com bubble to burst, and the 2008 Wall St. collapse when it destroyed Lehman Bros with outsourcing.

The thieves continue to violate our laws and run rampant yet the US gov’t continues to do nothing.

Call your Congresspeople now and demand an end to all foreign work visa programs in the US.

“Enhance Cloud-Based Services” is India Inc codeword for stealing more US tech jobs.

This crime shop has stolen billions out of the US economy over the past 1/4 century.

The interview below is full of the usual India Inc bullshit buzzpeak.

Lehman snaps deal with Wipro

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