Indian govt must issue a travel advisory to Indian Students going to USA for job robs

India is the only country on the planet which sees moving a billion of its people out of India as a “human right”.

India disregards the immigration laws of most other nations.

In fact, India is most lawless of all nations on earth.

Law is an alien concept in India – and few follow it.

Moving out of the country is considered a basic human right. However, governments f have issued travel advisories to their citizens traveling to specific regions. These advisories often help citizens understand the risks that might be hidden from them and make better choices. International relationships is a complex topic and it is very hard to know the laws of a distant land”.

Ok here, let us help younearly all of you are not allowed to work here.

Nor are you allowed legally to file for green cards if you enter on temporary work visas or student visas.

Any other questions?

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