Ami Bera subverts law to keep inadmissible alien kids

They’re not immigrants. Their parents are all inadmissble aliens who all filed for green cards illegally and didn’t return to India after 6 years when they were supposed to.

It is illegal under US law for any foreign worker to enter the US on a temporary visa with itent to immigrate.

In fact, it’s a felony.

But our gov’t does not care about the rule of law, despite what it claims.

As a result their kids all grew up here when that was never supposed to happen.

These people were supposed to be temporary Y2K workers. They were supposed to have left in 2003 when Y2K ended.

Now an Indian-American congressman is trying to ignore and subvert US law to keep them all here illegally.

Why are Indians so racist, and why do they all get a free pass to break ourr laws?

They’re not America’s children – they’re children of job-robbing inadmissible alien temporary guest workers who never left when they were supposed to.

Total lies.

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