‘Anti-Indianism of Biden administration continues unabated’

Welcome to Silicon Valley. They sure are suffering. Where are the American workers?

Anyone would be “anti-India” after seeing the mass illegal theft, occupation, and looting of Silicon Valley by India.

None of these people were supposed to be here beyond the end of Y2K.

None of them were supposed to be here long term or file for green cards.

In fact it’s illegal under US law to enter the US on a temporary work permit or student visa with intent to immigrate.

But that is exactly what millions of these criminals have done.

Anti-Indianism of Biden administration continues unabated

US Dept. of State’s war on Indian immigrants

You make war on Americans, the US gov’t makes war back on you.

That’s how it works.

It’s called Karma.

H-1B Visa Program Harms American Workers and Should Be Repealed

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