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  1. Greetings,

    Appreciate the work here. I am the founder of nomoreh1b.com now moved to nomoreh1b.tech. I first appeared on CNN in 2002. Here is the transcript. I became active in the H-1b visa debate after a Russian firm who provided my company an H-1b visa programmer in 1999. A dispute over education, skills etc. resulted in offices of counsel being torched.

    It has been a great ride, family has been murdered, witnesses dead and I traced part of my nightmare to Oracle, Microsoft, and all those billionaires.

    Be careful the h-1b visa is the perfect terrorism tools and part of my legal drama leads to oil Barons of America, Iraq, Kazakhstan, the Russian Oligarchs and the Israeli platform.

    Around me is 9/11, LukOil, PG&E explosions linked to deadly wildfires.

    PETER VILES, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): With jobs shaping up as a huge election year issue business lobbies are running a long shot campaign of their own, pushing for permission to hire more foreign workers under the controversial H1-B Visa program. Under pressure from laid off Americans Congress scaled that program back dramatically from a peak of 195,000 visas per year to 65,000. But corporate America has already hit that limit this year and now wants a special exemption to hire foreign workers who were educated in the United States. A spokesman for the campaign says, “It is counter productive for the U.S. to train foreign scientist and engineers and then send them home to compete with American businesses.” Another argument, shortages of American workers for some jobs, including math and science teachers, and some medical specialists. Advocates for American workers just aren’t buying that.

    PAUL RICCI, AMERICAN LABOR FIRST: We reject the notion altogether. There are plenty of people, like I said, that are part of my own organization that are looking for work now in all sorts of engineering and science fields, and they cannot find work.

    PETE BENNETT, NOMOREH1B.COM: There are Ph.D.s, mathematics experts all over the place that have been displaced by this program or by the onslaught of outsourcing. There has to be a qualified worker. Maybe they might just have to pay for relocation and relocate them to some other part of the country. But it’s about time they really looked hard inside the United States.

    VILES: Now the lobbying group pushing for the exemptions includes Intel and Motorola. Until recently it called itself American Business for Legal Immigration but is rebranding itself as only a Washington lobby could, with the new name, quote “Compete America.”


    VILES: Now one of the more surprising aspects of this is the widespread use and recruitment of foreigners to teach in American public schools, particularly in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles, Which hire foreigners by the hundreds to teach math, sciences and languages — Lou.

    DOBBS: So, as Alan Greenspan is calling for education, it’s a solution to the problem, the suggestion is that we need to bring in foreign teachers in order to get that education?

    VILES: This is one area we should be training more Americans. We know we need them. We have a teacher shortage. We need Americans to fill these jobs.

    DOBBS: Peter Viles, thank you.

    When we continue, “Broken Borders,” I’ll be talking with a former special agent for the INS who testified before Congress today. We’ll hear his thoughts. Stay with us.

    1. Hi Pete,

      Thanks for the comment. We are familiar with who you are. As former residents of Silicon Valley and Walnut Creek, CA we are very familiar with the Bay Area. We left in 2003 due to being run out of the state and industry by the armies of illegal inadmissible alien foreign workers brought in by RICO criminal India Incs. Glad to hear you are still alive and fighting. Thanks for all you do to expose this illegal, criminal, and un-American labor trafficking racket masquerading as “highly skilled immigrants”. We’re not surprised you, your family, and council were attacked by business + invading forces. These thieves will stop at nothing to get what they want – including murder and a host of other crimes. Stay well, and continue fighting.

      As for Americans needing training or not being skilled enough, well, Silicon valley was created by college dropouts, and mostly by Americans – many of whom did not and do not have college degrees. The assertion by the labor-marketing-rigging business lobby that Americans can’t do the jobs is not only absurd, it’s not even historically accurate. See our post “No Indians in 1980’s Microsoft Video” which just further proves this point.

      America is being robbed and sold out to foreign powers and by our own politicians – most of whom are being bribed by foreign powers as the book “Clinton Cash” proves.

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