‘Japan′s Ukraine refugee policy criticized for putting politics over human rights’

The globalists sure want to dump armies of 3rd world invaders into Japan to break up the stability of the country.

No one has a “right” to invade another country in violation of that country’s immigration laws and the will of its own people.

Migration is not a human right, despite what the failed communist UN and failed communist countries claim.

Once again the open borders globalists are trying to guilt Japan into silent surrender.

Japan only accepted 74 non-Ukrainian refugees last year.


America accepts 10,000’s invaders a year.

Open your borders to invaders and soon they will take over your country.

This is all about trying to break up the unity + success of the Japanese people.

Same thing was done to Silicon Valley decades ago.

In fact there is a Japanese proverb: “Let a stranger in and he will drive you from your home”.


Anti-white asylee invader turned Congresswoman Iilhan Omar.
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